Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Breaking News: Ivan Cameron's Death Brings Peace to Commons

Because of the death of Ivan Cameron Prime Minister's Questions has been cancelled.

Very much expected, but no less shocking to family and friends for that when the day does arrive. It is seven years since Gordon and Sarah Brown were bereaved when 10-day-old Jennifer Jane died, with Gordon still tearful more than four years later. Rarely will condolences between often bitter rivals have meant so much. Solidarity is a powerful thing.

Tomorrow I am expecting to attend a funeral of another child who has predeceased her parents. She was in her thirties. This is the second of their children to die suddenly, tragically and unexpectedly. Whenever this happens, at whatever age, in whatever circumstances, this seems an extraordinarily sad loss to bear.

UPDATE 11:04: Iain Dale has statements from CCHQ and Gordon and Sarah Brown.
UPDATE 11:19: Guido briefly took his story down but is now questioning cancellation of PMQs.
UPDATE 15:45: I've been out. But to be fair to Guido he added a footnote suggesting that curtailing PMQs was perhaps the right thing after all. Good.


Anonymous said...

I feel it was appropriate to cancel PMQs, just as I would expect it if one of Brown's children (God forbid) were to pass away. Party politics doesn't come into this.

I find it disgraceful that people are questioning the need to cancel PMQs.

Chris Paul said...

It's only Guido ... and he did go on to say that perhaps PMQs aren't that important. So perhaps he was having it both ways there?

Guido Fawkes said...

No story was taken down yesterday.

Chris Paul said...

That's strange Guido. There appeared to be a probably very short interlude sometime around 11 am when this post re Post Office reverted to top of the pile, instead of this post which carried the news of Ivan Cameron's death.

That post then appeared to reappear with two others: Lord Ahmed and PMQs cancellation. Can't see any reason (a) why that sequence would happen only in my browser? or (b) why it would be a problem anyway?