Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NCVO Campaign Roadshows: Book Fibber, Hoaxer, Cheat

If I were the National Council for Voluntary Organisations I wouldn't want a born again fibber, cancer hospital closure hoaxer, campaign expenses exceeder or printing society launderer as a Keynote Speaker. Or for that matter someone who could hardly string a speech together.

Being dishonest and incoherent are hardly the watchwords of Effective Campaigning. But if I did book one I guess I'd try a bit harder to spell the man's name correctly. Who he? is the standard response. But it's double Eee. Eee! Eee!

Eeek! even. Lucy Powell would be much better. For the speaking gig. As our MP too, naturally.


Anonymous said...

The trouble with young Lucy is that she will represent the labour party in Withington rather than Withington in Parliament, she will just repeat labour policy as per script.Surely the was some independent minded local labour bod with a bit of personality and character that they could have picked rather than adopt a designer candidate.
If the labour party had a few more backbenchers who were prepared to tell the emperor that he had no clothes on,then perhaps we would not be in such a godawful mess

Chris Paul said...

Not sure where you get your information about Lucy BHT?

You may be right or you may not.

But what you can be sure of is that whether Lucy always goes with collective responsibility once party group decisions are made or is a rebel from time to time, she will take part in robust discussions in helping reach those decisions, representing the views of constituents and party in Withington.

That is how political parties work is it not?

Meanwhile Leech can say anything and do nothing. Is anti-Tory and anti-Labour and anti-everything pretty much. Utterly useless as a representative when it comes to getting anything done. His own party rate him very lowly - nationally and in this area. Hard working for number one, scheming, ruthless, lucky. But useless.

If you want a bellyacher in parliament John Leech - fibber, hoaxer, cheat, misery, Lib Dem - may well be your man. But if you want anything achieved it really has to be Labour's Lucy Powell, or perhaps eventually, if you Tories get your act together, a resurgent Tory to emulate Fred Sylvester - somethingly independent by Tory standards.

Over and out.

PS Did I mention that Leech is useless?

Anonymous said...

Must assume NCVO don't know that Leech is actually like. Spelling his name wrong can only be the tip of the iceberg of their ignorance. I'm going to write to them and object in the strongest possible terms and suggest your readers are encouraged to do likewise Chris.