Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Electoral Commission: "Well Run in Difficult Circumstances"

Our good friend Mr GuF is getting excited about a couple of things today. First, something pretty spurious about the Glenrothes By-Election. Essentially a continued smear on the SNP/LibDem conspiracy coalition that organised the election. That tellers didn't get a great view of all the counting. And that there were an increased number of Postal Votes cast. And that the automation on the counting of these PVs was not possible through a breakdown.

There is an upward trend in numbers of PVs of course. And if there's going to be a step-change that will come at an important, close election, such as a By-Election perhaps. You'd think so wouldn't you? And as for the machinery. This election had a requirement for more iD checking for postals than any previous poll.

Just because this had to be a hand job, does not make it whack.

Mr GuF references an earlier post with much speculation on the second of these matters, apparently based on a throwaway comment at another blog. This time GuF references the Electoral Commission with an extended quote, and an "also said" clause, and sadly, no link to the original.

The Press Release is HERE and doesn't include the little wrinkle (the access for tellers) that GuF bigs up, and the Full Report (as PDF) downloads HERE.

This is the headline finding:

A report published today by the Electoral Commission has found that the Glenrothes by-election was well run in difficult circumstances.

So that's very well done to the SNP - Lib Dem conspiracy in this case.

Ignore the smear-artist behind the curtain people.

There's nothing to see.

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