Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Greater Manchester Lib Dems: All Over The Place on Addresses

Sticking with the MPs address vote for just one more post. Two things. I'm liking the at a glance "slab view" of voting provided by MySociety through (above, for this vote). I'm also interested in the fact that Mark Hunter MP (LD, Cheadle) was absent, unusually among the Lib Dems who mostly attended and mostly voted against. And that Paul Rowen MP and Andrew Stunnell MP voted in favour of confidentiality.

As I've noted before John Leech MP voted for openness. Pretty rich coming from a man who has a gentleman's hobby society laundering his printing/printing money for him, who pretends he's moving house into his constituency but having got the column inches in the local press fails to do actually walk the talk, who clearly spent very considerably over the limit when elected in 2005, and who persuaded a vulnerable retired person to part with their life savings.

That was £23,000 in all in what they seem to have thought was wholly or partially or contingently by way of a loan. It was in fact treated by Leech as a free gift, though re repaid money to his mother and declared that repayment, although the apparent donation hadn't been registered.

Honest John Leech MP - the open book parliamentarian.

LIB DEM OPENNESS FOOTNOTE: There is news in my mailbox of another Lib Dem activist or councillor in Heywood, Rochdale, an associate of what-shall-we-do-with-the-drunken-agent Dave Hennigan's landlord Cllr Peter Rush, who has been publically alleged without naming AFAIK - on Rochdale Online's community discussion boards - to have offered-a-lift-to, more-or-less kidnapped-to-their-house, invited-to-tea, and made-a-pass-at a vulnerable, disabled constituent. They have identified themself as registered disabled in a previous post. Perhaps the alleged "hands on" creep Lib Dem is among this little rogue's gallery?

LOL are now seeking out names and corroboration. Please send any information via the email address at the head of the blog, unless it is non-contentious in which case comment away. The webpost has as I say been taken down but we do have a copy of these Rochdale Online allegations. Presumably removed on instructions from WSWDWTDA Dave Hennigan (below).


Anonymous said...

Well done for patronising both pensioners and disabled people in one fell swooping post.

Did the Labour Party persuade said 'vulnerable retired person' to defect to their party and fight an ill-fated election campaign in the same opportunistic manner? If it was the belief of members of MWCLP that this individual was as incapable of rational decision-making as implied in your post, was it even appropriate to field her as a candidate for a political office?

Anonymous said...

What is the collective noun for Rochdale and Heywood Lib Dems?

How about a word that has been used to describe "something used to meet a need that is not expected to recur" like people for voting for them again. Or false promises used to garner a vote without the slightest intention of actually doing it?
As a technical term in computing, the word I have in mind is used in crytographics for a bit string used only once.
-use it, forget it, never refer to it again. A bit like how the Rochdale and Heywood electorate is treated?

Now, what is word? A word that could be reclaimed to be a collective noun for some Rochdale and Heywood Lib Dems?


"A nonce of Rochdale and Heywood Lib Dem activists". It has a certain ring to it.

It is time to reclaim the word "nonce" from the sex offenders.

Or is it?

Chris Paul said...

"Kinsella": Why do you not blog this tripe in your own name? But thanks for calling. When you do so I can be certain that that great lummox Leech is fuming!

Job done.

We all know Leech can be persuasive and that Gallagher is a kindly soul. Many of us - vide Christie Hoax - also know very well that Leech is a shameless con man.

Perhaps you think Leechy's conduct in this matter was beyond reproach? That he didn't push the envelope way beyond reasonableness? That the constituents of Withington - appraised of a full account of his incomings and outgoings on this campaign would be pleased to return the clown again.

My view on extracting donations of this magnitude, proportional to wealth and income, from pensioners or indeed from anyone is that it should be strongly regulated. Professional advice should be required with no exceptions. And written agreements should be exchanged and lodged with the EC.

Leech acted in a shameful manner with relation to these donations, and his campaign as a whole. In my opinion. Perhaps you don't agree? ?

One of these days we'll be doing a line by line exposition of Leech's bogus declaration of election expenditure and an end-to-end measurement of the shower of mendacious litter that the Lib Dems issued in support of this ruthless, useless knob-head.

Excuse my Anglo Saxon.

I notice there is no denying the WPS scam, the hospital hoax, or the election over-spend.

The disabled person being allegedly mauled by creepy Heywood Lib Dems is a self-declared RDP, seems a feisty soul, and is not being patronised in any way by LOL.

You are an idiot.

Chris Paul said...

Anonymous: You're an idiot too. Nonce is completely the wrong word for predatory behaviour towards adults.

Anonymous said...

As you might imagine, I don't agree.

To reflexively describe pensioners and disabled people as 'vulnerable' in order to make political points simply serves to perpetuate dismissive stereotypes. (Apologies for the split infinitive).

I notice there is no denying your (and other Labour members') doubts over Angela Gallagher's critical faculties or that her 'vulnerabilties' were 'exploited opportunistically' by the Labour Party.

Chris Paul said...

You really are an idiot "Tim". Clearly using the word "vulnerable" is not a sin. It is a word is all. It is appropriate in this case even if from your POV you just want to say Angela was vulnerable to Leech's charms. Which she clearly was. She was also a party member with a retirement fund having pressure put on her to splurge it on making a name for herself or rather for John.

Angela's selection by the Lib Dems for the all-out, her subsequent defection over Leech's lies and the way she was about to be dumped having had all her pip's squeaked as it were, and her selection by Labour to defend her seat are beside the point and you know it.

While Leech is still strutting about and plotting his next hoax, distortion, under-declaration etc Gallagher is not.

Angela's selection was small p politically almost inevitable, but nonetheless a mistake IMO - see your own moves in Newton Heath for parallel lines.

Your last sentence is senseless. And the words in quotes are not quoted. You are an idiot. Albeit a useful idiot.

Anonymous said...

You are right Chris, "Nonce" can be urban slang to describe sex offenders who abuse younsters.

I suppose an example would be someone who enages in sex tourism in, say, the far east or africa?

Or someone who pleads guilty to having sex with an underage girl and being convicted of the offence?

Anonymous said...


Please could you possibly identify yourself to me? Being relatively new to Heywood, you give me the distinct impression you know what you are talking about. Are you really a 'Parish Priest'? is that what the 'PP' is in your name of 'HeywoodPP'?
Since moving into the area I have approached initially a Peter Rush, who invited me to his home to try to help me solve my problems. I did feel uncomfortable doing this, so I asked my support worker at the time to accompany me. He took down notes I had spoken about completely wrong and I did not get the help I needed, hardly suprising in retrospect as he had his mind obviously on other matters.
When I first met Peter Rush, this was when he was delivering leaflets to the homes in my area, he had with him another gentleman, but then I should take that back as he was no gentleman. I cannot think of his name at the moment, but this man offered to take a bag of unwanted belongings of mine to the charity shop for me. He then offered to take me and he would drop off my bag. But on route this man decided to do a detour and went first to his home, making an excuse he needed to check on something. When we arrived at his house, he then invited me in. I tried my best to say no, but he would not take no for an answer. Whilst we were in his house, he took me upstairs and showed me each room and also his office which he uses whilst working for the 'Liberals'. I was uneasy the whole time being there in his house and when I said I was going downstairs, he quickly went ahead of me asking me if I would like some refreshments. He then offered me wine and food. He then asked if I would accept his invitation for tea that night, I declined! He then brought me into his lounge and asked me to sit whilst he went and got whatever it was he was looking for. Moments later he came into the lounge and started to get very close to me, in his pathetic attempt to kiss me! I was so upset and demanded he took me home. He obviously knew he had gone too far with me and did what I asked.
For a long time I didn't and wouldn't approach any other party councillors as the whole experience has made me fearful. But then my problems still need addressing, so when learning of this site and noticing there was a forum for a local councillor, I posted my comment on this site to a Paul Rowen, who answered me directly - obviously putting Gordon Brown and the Labour party down. I then replied to his reply, but then when I went onto his site earlier today his answer to me had been removed, along with my second message to him, and in place there is a message asking anyone who has any personal issues were to contact the surgery direct.
So then, why does he have a forum on this site if he does not answer his constituents?
I was really annoyed, so now I have sort the help of a Councillor Colin Lambert in the hope I will get the help I so desperately need.
I am wondering what your comments are on my experiences and is there anything or anyone you can direct me to, to get my issues addressed? It is quite harrowing to say the least, that one cannot approach a councillor without the undertones of unwanted suggestive comments made to them. As I have said already, I am new to Heywood, I do not know all the avenues I need to know to go down in order to get my problems resolved, but if my theory is correct and you are a priest, perhaps you can steer me in the right direction?

Anonymous said...

Does above help?

Anonymous said...


I wonder if this is known about by the Liberal Dem Grandees celebrating their 21st birthday party at mini conference?

After midnight I hope they lock their hotel doors. Old habits die hard. Late night corridor creeping a la Cyril Smith could be on the cards.

What a bunch of screwed up weidos. Some make Gary Glitter look like an upright citizen.
"Paul Gadd- winning for the Lib Dems in Rochdale" has a sort of ring to it.

Time is running out for those who know they have done wrong. Very wrong.