Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He's Just a Lib Dem Dirtbag 5: Another Bar-Storming Performance

Our stories yesterday drew attention to Paul Rowen's barn-storming performance, apparently in the bar if not the conference chamber, so let's make that bar-storming?, at Lib Dem Spring Conference.

Some enterprising members of the community distributed LOL images around the streets of Rochdale. Promised that the ongoing situation in Gaza was a huge priority for Rowen they have in fact found him to be a stay away slacker.

Let me count the slacking ways of this disgraceful lightweight:

1. Rowen missed the famous community meeting on the matter. Having accepted an invitation and promised faithfully to speak. He broke his promise. And failed to find an acceptable substitute - an opportunity other parties did not even seek. Political invitations are not transferable. Particularly not to idiots. Hennigan disgraced the party and the memory of the fat tool Sir Cyril Smith by trying to gate crash where he knew categorically he was unwelcome. He was of course ejected.

2. Rowen's excuse was that he was speaking on the matter in Strasbourg the following Thursday. Needing a five day warm up troughing at the trough apparently. To hone his 57 words. And Rowen failed to speak in the relevant debate, breaching all sorts of niceties by dropping a mention to Gaza into a generic discussion instead. Was he even in attendance at the full debate on Gaza? We're not sure he was.

3. Rowen then used his tax-payer funded website to criticize a specific community organisation, albeit with Lib Dem connections, and in effect to declare war on Rochdale's muslim communities. He then punished them by failing to honour his accepted invitation to speak at their next public meeting.

4. Rowen finally failed abysmally to attend never mind speak at the lib Dem conference debate on this so-called priority issue. As he did so the lead story on his own website was about preserving the Rochdale way-of-life. Which translated means getting rat-arsed and falling over drunk. And, according to eye witnesses, they believed he missed this vital debate because he'd been partying way way too late and too hard and was in no fit state.

Due to gremlins the links in this post have been lost for the time being. I'll stick them back in later. Meanwhile this is your hourly Rochdale bulletin. More in 60 minutes.


Anonymous said...

so let's get this right.

Paul Rowen is not quoted in Hansard speaking in the House on Palestine or Gaza in 2005, 2006, 2007 and up to 2008?

He then pays a large sum of money for a basic website that includes a special section on Gaza. The pages are difficult to navigate. Some links are empty. There is no news on Paul Rowen about Gaza prior to 2009?

In late December, Paul Rowen was sunbathing and slipping into something comfortable by a beach in Thailand as Gaza burned?

He allowed press releases to be issued and published on Rochdale Online (his website providers) and the Rochdale Observer about his attendance at a meeting about Gaza at the Castlemere Community Centre?

But he didn't turn up.
He sent Dave Hennigan- there were handbags at dawn and public allegations by Lib Dem Mo Shafiq that Hennigan "stankk of alcohol".

Rowen (via Hennigan then issued public doubts about Lib Dem Shafiq and the Ramadhan Foundation)?

Rowen's trip to Strasbourg was a joke. He shoehorns a reference to Gaza in the wrong debate. He is not mentioned at all in the Gaza debate?

Rowen misses yet another local public meeting on Gaza and Palestinian issues in Rochdale last month?

Last weekend he misses a morning debate on Gaza at the Lib Dem Spring conference?

He is now spending a lot of time and effort promoting British Beer for British pissheads?

And the UK company with Corinya in the title, that is seperate from the Ugandan company that he is a paid director of, owns pubs close to Rochdale?

And rents office space to Rochdale council?

With all his devout credentials and faux concern for Gaza- its a good job that Paul is never seen leaving off licences (such as Threshers - or is that "Thrashers") hugging many bottles of wine. On Friday's.

That could be enough to make him look very red faced.

Anonymous said...


We all enjoy a bit of scurrilous gossip, laced with innuendo, half-truths, supposition and speculation, but your obsession with Rochdale (and Withington) Lib Dems is making me worry that you may hurt yourself if you keep banging your head against the same wall.

Your tribalism has much to admire, but wouldn't Labour's electoral fortunes be better served if you concentrated a little more venom towards the Tories?

The chances of regaining Rochdale and Withington look remote in the current climate, whereas there are several Labour seats close to Manchester that are vulnerable to the Conservatives.

May I suggest you expend some of your considerable energy to helping to hold these constituencies, and devote less time deploying your skills as a keyboard warrior continually having a pop at Rowan, Leech and Co.

Please feel free to ignore my advice though, as I really enjoy reading your blog.

My all-time two favourite topics, by the way, were your spirited defence of the ghastly Miranda Grell, and more recently your laughable spinning about the Labour performance in the Didsbury West by-election.



(And yes, I am one of those dreadful Liberal Democrats you love to hate)

Chris Paul said...


Thanks so much.

Chris Paul said...

Rochdale Rapper: That about sums it up. Whatever "David" may have to say for himself Rowen is extraordinarily vulnerable. He's poor. And he has surrounded himself with meatheads. And on Gaza (as with the War) he has a non existent track record and has now it seems missed FOUR count 'em commitments to speak or listen even on Gaza ... in just a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

anoyDave's postings at 15:44 are very calm.

Surely not a Valium/vodka cock tail?

A new tack rather than the rants, tantrums, tears and libel threats.

Nevertheless there is a call for a truce.

Chris- They don't like it up em!

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