Sunday, March 08, 2009

Judge and Jury Team: Euro Conservatives Will be Chuffed

Interesting idea. Given the Tory MEPs and their predilection for sleazy arrangements the ex-Tory DG of Central Office and all round tycoon known as Sir Paul Judge (above, having audaciously walloped his own wife in open court) and his Jury Team could have some impact on the Conservative effort.

The whole idea is to be whiter than white, beyond reproach, an antidote to sleaze and controvery. And to be fair it is now getting on for four months since Sir Paul was making headlines for allegedly reneging on a promised £14 Million charity donation.

Although it seemed bang to rights avoidance of a full and proper settlement to his wife, by unfairly taking £14M out of the pot they split 62:38, and of his promise to reinstate money in the family Trust following what looked on the face of it like an unwise investment, the slimy old Tory sod won the case.

Nonetheless, J and J are planning to provide full lists in every region, chosen by an X factor style public vote, and the NW Tories are vulnerable. They have been so slimy and corrupt that Judge and Jury could help them shed their third seat, or at very least end up scrapping in the gutter for it with UKIP, the Lib Dems and the BNP. Which is nice.

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