Saturday, March 07, 2009

Libdemologists: Appropriation of Kate Winslet Image Rights

According to the BBC News 24 paper review one of the Nationals is running with a story about the Lib Dems doctoring pictures. 'Twas The Independent on Sunday.

Apparently associating themselves with the Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet by doctoring a picture of her at the Golden Globes to suggest she is connected to their silly party. Sorry, didn't catch which paper.

Clearly Kate's people are - v e r y - u p s e t -. She is not in fact a silly person. And if she were to be connected to a political party she wouldn't want it to be this one. Which is silly. There'll no doubt be more come the midnight hour. Pictures and all. And we've no doubt that doctoring pictures with become a thing of the past for these shameless charlatans.

UPDATE 00:15: Main picture and story credit added.

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