Monday, March 09, 2009

Labour Women: Giving Labour List A Real Good Seeing To

"Hello! Ding!Dong!!" we japed satirically. Derek Draper has been proved completely surplus to requirements as Ladies Rool:

* There's this Labour and Women Poll
* Fat Cat Protestors Storm DWP re Welfare Reform
* Fiona Millar on Margaret Thatcher
* Mary Honeyball and Holly Sutton on Legislation
* Labour Party Release Common Sense Document
* Rachel Reeves on Economy Plundered by Men
* Senay Nihat on Action versus Violence Against Women
* Anne Marie O'Reilly on Welfare Inequality
* Anna Helga Horrox on Old Boys Apathy
* Nesrine Malik on Private Sector Missing a Trick
* Laurie Penny Puts Tom Harris MP Over Her Knee
* Stella Creasy on Poisonous Stereotypes
* Eduard Bernstein on the Taxpayers' Alliance

And not to forget Sadie Smith Getting her Tweets Out as LL's Guest Tweeter.

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