Monday, March 09, 2009

Paul Rowen: Misses Gazza Gaza Debate Worse For Wear

An extraordinarily open and honest appraisal from Lib Dems new leaflet. Of Paul Rowen's attitude to his duties as a parliamentarian. "In for a pint, in for a gallon" is the motto. And hang the sore head, disheveled clothes and missed speeches. All THREE of his tax-payer funded political assistants are die-hard drinkers. Paid for by you and me.


Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen is like Mr Benn (not Anthony Wedgwood but the old cartoon)

Every day he take a walk down Festive Road, pops into the shop and puts on a new outfit for a new adventure.

One day he wants to fit in with his main party sponsors, so he put on a cowboy outfit.

The next day he discovers Palestine so he dresses like an Arab.

After that he gets some stick from older members of the Rochdale Lib Dems. But a white hood and box of matches for a straw cross is going a bit too far.

He likes to wear a smart suit for social functions involving food and lashings of ginger beer- does a pinny and sash go with that? Or just a Rotarian medal?

But his favourite outfit is Sir Les Patterson - a tight fitting suit with red wine, beer and dinner badges on it.

With over a million pounds worth of Parliamentary, and other, expenses- some of it was bound to go to waist.

Gravy train said...

Rowen's only here for the beer alright. And the expenses, second home, jollies to Uganda, Canada, Germany, Strasbourg and anywhere else where he can pretend he's working for Rochdale. The free lunches, hotel bar bills, massive expenses, dodgy handshakes and lucrative property portfolio in Africa.

Wasn't he supposed to be somewhere or doing something? After all Rochdale is now the poorest Borough in Greater Manchester and the people are relying on you to give them a voice?

Never mind that, says Paul. There's beers to be quaffed in the Terrace bar. More food than you've ever seen to be wolfed down. So much food I think my shirt will pop. Certainly looks that way in the Commons. Living off the fat of the land in style is our Paul. And wait till you see my returns on these African investments.

Bring on the buffet trolley. Did I ever tell you that Dave likes to play 'hungry like the wolf' in my office? Loves the 80s, that kid.

Poverty? Council services in decline? Regeneration schemes falling to bits?

Never mind that. Leave that to the three amigos. Hennigan, Power and Swarbrick.

There's nothing in Rochdale that a crap press release and a useless cliche can't sort.

Anonymous said...

ah those Lib Dem press releases. The sheer power of exclaimation mark. And the apostrophe, the colon and semi colon explored so well and churned out so dutifully by thr Rochdale Observer and Rochdale Online.

Anonymous said...

ROT!! and ROMP!!!! The two publications that is.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me but wasn't that the title of a cheeky "gentleman's" magazine from Paul Raymond's seventies Soho stable?

What has the title "Romp" got to do with Rochdale Online?

Or, as befits the intimate, hirsute coifiure of the the 1970's, are you "beating about the bush" on this?

Rochdale Online and "Romp"- pray tell?

Anonymous said...

Now that the GMG bloodbath means the Rochdale Obscurer is leaving Dodge and Rochdale Online is just a glorified blog run by a Larry Flint style character, then there is space for a new newspaper in Cyril's theifdom.

Instead of RAP, following today's news, it could now be called ROP

Rochdale's ONLY Paper