Sunday, March 08, 2009

Local Lib Dem MPs: How Did They Do At Harrogate Conference?

Searched in vain for highlights from John Leech MP's Spring Conference - HERE. Alas there were none for this EDM-Whacko. Paul Rowen MP spoke up for continuing with divisive faith schools. As a former head of a catholic faith school you'd expect nothing less. But the excuse that some non-faith schools were, he asserted, still more divisive really doesn't wash.

If there's a case to be made for faith schools then find it and make it Paul. This ain't it. As for Leech? What a waste of space that man is. Perhaps he was moving house into his constituency as promised one year ago, and two years ago, and three years ago even though he was then pretending his address was in the constituency.

Hazel Grove Stunnel spoke on Post Offices. He may have a chance against the peculiar Tory who's after his seat. Hunter, like Leech, was invisible and inaudible to boot. He, Hunter, is surely toast come the General Election.

UPDATE Mon 11:04: Paul Rowen MP - who has made pretending to care about Gaza and Palestine a bit of a cottage industry these last few months - was apparently/allegedly SO PISSED AND INCAPABLE after a late drinking session that he missed the whole of the Gaza Debate in Harrogate, rolling in a full two-and-a-half hours after the debate began.

Following his Drunken Agent's drunken debacle at a Ramahdan Foundation event recently - which Rowen missed for a piss up in Strasbourg but leading to Rowen's using his parliamentary position (and his tax payer funded website) to denounce large elements of the Rochdale community and fellow Lib Dems, rubbing this in by failing to show at a further conference at the same venue - we see the Man Himself was allegedly too pissed to turn up never mind speak up on his favourite issue of the day, alongside Asbestos and Turner and Newall Inc - the Rochdale Lib Dem Speechwriters - where of course he has also been having it every which way. Every which way but honest, decent, principled, or giving-a-flying-fig.


Anonymous said...

Did Paul Rowen lead the charge to get justice for Gaza.

Or has he now moved on to his new shallow crusade in a cheap attempt to garner votes... save British beer for British pissheads.

Rochdale Lib Dem bi-polar campaigning is wearing a bit thin.

A flurry of activity and leaflets for predominantly Muslin areas to show solidarity for Palestine- a place Rowen only discovered in 2008.

Then an attempt at cheap dog-whistles because some of the old, white reactionary Lib-DEms started moaning about Paul's new pro-Palestine stance. Some of the in-house comments from older Rochdale Lib Dems criticising overtly pro-Muslim topics were VERY illiberal.
Were some of these rabid views helped along by Dave Hennigan- whose ego had been wounded by fellow Lib Dems involved in the Ramadhan Foundation. An angry Dave was heard to threaten vengeance against Mo Shafiq. Within hours an official press statement from "Paul Rowen MP" was casting doubt on the credentials of the Ramadhan Foundation.
Squabbling Rochdale Lib Dems.
No wonder the wheels are falling off Rochdale.

Anonymous said...
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Dave Hennigan is a fool said...

Paul Rowen's 'save British pubs campaign' is a bit of a red herring.

Does he give a fig about pubs in Rochdale? Of course not.

He cares only about his own interests. And seeing as he has a remunerated directorship with a property investment company (Corinya) that has quite a few pubs in its portfolio, he'd better do something to protect these interests.

It's tough times for Rowen's pubs. It doesn't help when there's a scary past hanging over your head either.

That's what customers at the New Inn on the A57 in Hattersley have to deal with. Behind this pub lies the house where the Moors murders of the 1960s were committed by Brady and Hindley.

A scary place for a scary Lib Dem.

No wonder Ricky Hatton got rid of it.

Can Corinya revive its fortunes? Will Paul Rowen come to the rescue?

Something must be done, Paul. Better get an EDM in to protect them assets.

Chris Paul said...


According to Rowen's Register of Members' Interests he DOES NOT have any fiscal interest in the Corinya companies registered in the UK, one of which is dormant.

He does however have a remunerated interest in Corinya Holdings Limited (UG) which is registered in Uganda. Strangely the Corinya's here do not list any overseas associated companies in their returns. It is the UG company I think that sponsors the Suubi Orphanage and one of the Directors - the unmarried one - is responsible for various photographs of the orphans that appear on the web.

Anonymous said...

So when Corinya's business interests are involved Paul Rowen only deals with Ugandan matters?

So little chats in the jeep,aeroplane or restaurant about Corinya's UK business interests such as renting offices back to Paul Rowen's Rochdale council (at the time when he was still a Rochdale Councillor as well as MP- double bubble expenses?)

If Corinya UK owns pubs and Paul speaks out on behalf of publicans doesn't he have to declare an interest if Corinya UK has any formal link with his Ugandan interests?

Or is he just sticking to British Beer for British Pissheads?

Definately more Gazza than Gaza.

Anonymous said...

lets have a little more faith on this. Paul Rowen has publicly championed the need for absolute transparency in Parliamentary expenses.
He should be given the opportunity to demonstrate he is a man of his word.
All of Paul Rowen's expenses, all his receipts claimed: all office and local Party expenditure,or and all sources of Party income accounted for.

Chris Paul said...

Yes, looking forward to the full disclosure of Paul's expenses. Also one or two other FoI requests running just now.

Anonymous said...

in vino veritas.

The real Paul Rowen doesn't give a flying fuck for Muslim issues apart from wanting to look concerned and the odd soundbite for leaflets.

He is the worst kind of player. He abuses decent people to bask in the glow of their heartfelt protest. His late appearance on the scene about Gaza is the crudest example of that.

If there is a meeting at Party Conference at 9am - breakfast time then an honest and committed MP would attend. Paul Rowen didn't. He was seen pissed the night before. If he only appeared later the morning after looking in a sorry state it doesn't take a genius to work out where his real priorities are. And always have been.

Fuck Gaza, let's have beer.