Monday, March 09, 2009

Paul Rowen MP: Hallucinating Truth Captions Competition

Others may see "Freedom for the People of Palestine" or the like but Paul Rowen sees "Free beer 4 Paul". What else might he be seeing there? You decide.


Anonymous said...

Free Gaza
Free Publicity

Anonymous said...

what does Paul see?

A free meal ticket to Strasbourg?

An opportunity to stretch that blue kagool that he is wearing like a blue space hopper?

A photo opportunity for a segregated Rochdale Lib Dem leaflet targeted to certain areas in Rochdale whilst he talks about "beer and heritage" (nod nod, wink wink)to others?

The old Cyril Smith tactic of throw enough shit out and some of it sticks. Most don't take notice of the message just vaguely recollect that the MP has appeared busy locally.

That reminds me of an old joke about Cyril and how he used to milk his Rochdale dialect for the telly.

Here goes...

Cyril's piles are playing up. He sees his doctor who, like Cyril, is a straight talking man.

"What you need Cyril is some fancy arse cream".

Cyril answers "ney lad, I won't go in for fancy arse cream. I've had both Cornettos and Magnums after me tea and they both set me guts off".

Anonymous said...

Are there naughty Lib Dems unhappy with their camp and speaking out about some of the shenanigans going on?

Dave has been put in quite a few naughty corners recently.

There are some good Lib Dems out there and they are very unhappy about tales of Lib Dem japes that go past the unethical - certainly unparliamentary and possible illegal.

Those with a conscience and a clean criminal record who want to keep them unblemished...
get out now!!!

Chris Paul said...

Thanks people. But only the first seems to understand the size of the placard!


Gravy train said...

Cheap votes for another cheap gesture is what Rowen sees through those misted hypocrite glasses of his.

Did you know, Chris, that Paul signed an EDM last week by Annette Brooke against cyber bullying?

Isn't he forgetting something here? That he employs three of the nastiest cyberbullies ever to travel north of Crumpsall?

Hennigan, Power and now Swarbrick. All foul, mephitic cyber beasts that poison, smear and lie to attack their opponents' livelihoods, families and reputation. All paid for by the public purse. A trio of cyber sickos working for a toxic tosser of an MP.

Let's hope Cybermentors picks up where the serjeant at arms left off where Hennigan's concerned.

Anonymous said...

The 3 Rochdale Lib Dem meddlers paid for out of Paul Rowen's parliamentary expenses- Swarbrick, Hennigan and Power.
Are their alter egos - Apostrophe Adam, Exclamation Mark and Colon Explorers?

There must be a Full Stop to Rochdale Lib Dem shenanigans.

Chris Paul said...

Now now now people. No more sitting on the fence. It's better out than in. As they say. How about:

To Lie
and Cheat
To Rob
with Deceit
This is
ROWEN !!!!

Who's a poet and they don't know it?

Anonymous said...


To Lie
and Cheat
To Kill
with Deceit
This is
"Big Hands"
Sir Cyril