Friday, April 17, 2009

BREAKING: Channel 4's Krishnan GM on G20 Paper Seller Death

Krishnan Guru Murthy @krishgm has tweeted that second post mortem says Iain Tomlinson DID NOT die of heart attack. First PM was it seems wrong. Who is it in overall charge of Policing in London? Oh yes, it's Mayor Boris. Not HS Smith. I'm sure he'll stand up and be counted, again.

UPDATE 15:36: BBC say new PM says provisionally Abdominal Haemorrhage. Earlier PM had reported highly diseased liver etc and lots of blood in abdomen. Was Mr Tomlinson staggering about before first VT showed blows and barge to the floor because of a catastrophic bleed or was the catastrophic bleed because of the heavy manners? Perhaps Boris will be alright after all?


Obnoxio The Clown said...

I guess you could take your argument one step further and say that Gordon Brown has ultimate control of the UK. Will you be calling for his head, too?

Anonymous said...

Makes me glad I don't live in London.

It's clearly no longer safe to live there

Chris Paul said...

OTC - yes, that's it. You've got it.

Sorry no. Only kidding. The reference of course is to Boris trying to take the credit for sacking policemen because he's in charge of the police. I think that was a bad move. One of many.


Nadine going to the danger
Cheering about leaks being A-OK

Where is Boris now?

What part did he and his odious chum Kit Loudmouth play in briefing the territorials and other POs to be "up for it" and to use kettling on a scale and in circumstances for which the technique wasn't actually suitable?

As any fool and/or Ken Livingstone could tell you, and has done.