Friday, April 17, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Iain Dale to Relaunch Labour List ... With Guido

Labour List has finally appointed a new consultant editor. Apparently it is completely untrue that Iain's going to work alongside Derek Draper for six months, to show him enough ropes ... in fact Draper's already been taken to a lamp post at the corner of old Queen's street and been hung by his mishapen and outsized ... (enough. sleaze Ed).

We've hacked into Iain's email account and can now exclusively "spoil" the "regime change (beta)" launch edition (above). Sadly only above the fold. Anyone able to supply the continued prose of our new com-league Fawkes please do so in comments.

UPDATE 15:46: Whoops. Looks like my attempt to redact the guilty wording was as successful as Vince Cable's this morning. Good of the Financial Times to take the blame. 12:22 update. Though it does bring Vince's decision to only hide the ultimate whistleblower's details into question. Tony Sharp had it first.

While I sort this all out can you please imagine that only the top graphic is published? Thanks.


Bill Quango MP said...

Good gag.
Who do you think should take over at Labourlist?

Chris Paul said...

Lucius Malfoy? Severus Snape? Voldemort hisself?

Sunder Katwala would be excellent for this role, however his own Fabian Society blog must be his priority. If the editorship comes with the expectation of being a talking head and so on SK has the right combination of gravitas, insight, loyalty, and agility in a live situation. No negative baggage.

Some would hold Fabian credentials against him but unlike Compass or Progress these are not really toxic for anyone. Except perhaps Luke Akehurst. Although he's a good and long established blogger I'd not consider Luke. Too sectarian.

Tom Miller and Mark Hanson are both already involved. Mark at least has a demanding day job in PR but certainly has the skills and understanding re new media and brands. Stuart Bruce is another in this area of endeavour. Dave Singleton, on lighter duties at Press Gazette perhaps.

Tom might be a bit too close to the Students Union elements that got us to this sorry pass and also very much identified with Compass - though his own blog, unlike for example my own, has been policy rich without too many attacks on specific opposition figures.

Alex Hilton is also implicated in attack bloggery via Recess Monkey and I'd think a bit irresponsible for this role, particularly in a re-building phase.

Tom Harris MP would be a safe pair of hands as a kind of caretaker manager, though he might be tempted to suppress anything "disloyal" and he would at very least be putting his ministerial career on hold.

Cllr Kerron Cross? Perhaps. Though his job militates against. And his blog is actually both policy and attack light. It's mostly whimsy.

Hopi Sen could be good. Bill Jones who blogs as Skipper is responsible, reasonable, but probably not looking for a demanding place in the limelight. Sunny Hundal has the background but doesn't identify as Labour and has a useful group blog already extant in Liberal Conspiracy.

All blokes so far. Sadie Smith? Probably in the irresponsible, neck out, swear swear, bah humbug corner of the market. Laurie Penny who has featured on a number of occasions ... don't know enough about her.

Susan Press is a professional journalist and a veteran blogger, but way too identified with the far left of the party to be acceptable. And she's a writer more than an editor. Going back to the boys Harry Barnes is also over at the left. But pragmatic left. And kind of retired. Not looking for this kind of excitement. Dave Osler is another, but has an FT job.

How about Polly? Or Jackie?

I'll have a bit more of a think about this Bill and possibly do a blog post by the end of the weekend.

Mrs. Rosemont, CO said...

Oh Fuck