Friday, April 17, 2009

Lib Dem You Tube Campaigner: Franchise Like a Virus?

Heard about this on R5L Drive Time yesterday. From the report you might have thought it'd gone viral. But still shy of 800 views. The more the better I say. Hence the link. Presumably Allan Ming Witherick wants the road surfaces and pavements to be like Liverpool? And the social services like Rochdale? (Don't believe the stars me hearties, they're gaming the audit I'd say) The message is fine. Fine words. Well no that's going a bit far. Fine sentiments. It's a generic anti-incumbent, we'll make things better rap sheet. But the performance is woeful. Which again reminds me of Liverpool and Rochdale and the like. I've said so at Lib Dem Voice to whom my hat is tipped. Asking to be spoofed. But is anyone bovvered?


Rochdale Rapper said...

Fix No. 4...

Lib Dems want better child protection?

Have the Federal Party bosses in that there London conveniently forgotten about that Lib Dem bollock 'stronghold' of Rochdale?

Child protection?

Knowl View school?
Cambridge House?

Rochdale - the place where influential politicians can spank and squueze the bollocks of vulnerble young lads and almost get away with it- and be defended for it by David Steel.

What was young liberal Paul Rowen doing at the time the allegations about Cyril Smith MP made national news in 1979? Has the man no scrap of conscience or decency whatsoever?

Cyril Smith still has monstrous allegations of abuse hanging over him that will not go away.

Fix that.

Better still, write a RAP about it.

Chris Paul said...

Interesting application of the dark arts Rochdale Rapper.

I think we must be clear on a few things:

1. When Cyril Smith was exposed by Private Eye and Rochdale Alternative Paper (not to mention a very thorough police investigation that these publications had access to) he was a Labour figure.

2. This will certainly spiked his career in Labour. He would never have become a Labour PPC. But the Liberals went out of their way to big him up. David Steel says he was only spanking a few bare behinds. But he was Labour at the time.

These days he would have gone to jail if the investigation had been allowed to progress to court.

3. Whatever the currently shrouded in some mystery details of Knowl View (a home for very vulnerable lads, involving lots of sex and child prostitiution) there were local Labour politicians in positions of responsibility as well as the Norman and Cyril Smith double act.

4. Cyril also has his asbestos albatross of shame of course. And a very bad part in Stefan Kiszko's conviction ... in my opinion. Even his cheerleading for speeding the case through is nasty. His call for hanging extraordinarily illiberal.

5. I've currently got no idea about Rowen's history in the Libs or SDP and Lib Dems although I do know his family were certainly activists, and his mother a past Mayor and all.

6. Rochdale Lib Dems and their standing up Cyril Smith as a saint - with Hennigan altar boy in chief - does need some more probing.

Chris Davis MEP has also made Sex Offenders a plank in his campaign RR. But can we please stick to the facts. i.e. Smith investigated and found sleazy, full stop.

Rochdale Rapper said...

Cyril's sweaty grip on Rochdale politics crossed party lines. Not only with some Labour party members but the Tories too.

A big stinking pot.

But, according to altar boy Dave, Cyril is 'Mr Rochdale'

Gross, perverted, corrupt?

Cyril has always played fast and loose with party politics like a ten bib fiddle

Rochdale Rapper said...

that bib should be bob by the way, as in shilling.