Friday, May 29, 2009

Cash For Questions: Cameron Says Hard Questions

Further to our wee small hours Cash for Questions post HERE, this is just in. "I think Bill Cash has got some very serious questions to answer and he needs to answer those questions. He needs to co-operate with those inquiries. Everyone knows the consequences of not participating. I've made that very clear." said strictly tap dancing lightweight Dave.

Not that we've had any answers to the Paul Rowen MP Office Rent Lib Dem Insider Sleaze Probe Sweet Sixteen of questions we asked earlier ... Here are another Sweet Sixteen of property questions that we would like answered :

  • Is it the case that the property rented from the multi-millionairess Trustafarian and heiress Splish Splash "Tish" Cash was ultimately owned by the multi-millionaire Bill Cash Register?
  • If that is indeed the case is it also the case that there was no outstanding mortgage on this property?
  • What was the rent paid by Splish Splash Tish Cash to Bill Cash Register?
  • What, other than cupidity and nepotistical ramping of the tax payer, motivated Bill Cash Register to contrive a tenancy from Splish Splash Tish Cash for a property already owned by Bill Cash Register?
  • How many nights - if any - did Bill Cash Register stay in the property he rented from Splish Splash Tish Cash which she in turn apparently rented from him during the year in which Bill Cash Register told the Fees Office this was his "second home"?
  • Bill Cash Register claims to have had the proposed tenancy (singular) inspected and approved by the Fees Office. Was that the head lease or the sub-lease?
  • Assuming, as we must, that it was the latter, did this document disclose or obscure the ultimate head lease and ownership of the property?
  • Had the property ever formed part of any Bill Cash Register or other first home/second home declarations ahead of the 2004-2005 gravy year?
  • There are reports that Splish Splash Tish Cash sold the property making a profit of £50,000, so had Bill Cash Register transferred this asset to Splish Splash Tish Cash?
  • If so for what value was that?
  • And at the height of the property boom after some ten year of galloping property inflation how much did Bill Cash Register make on that transaction? £50,000 is after all only a few months profit the way things were going.
  • What's with the Bill Cash Register excuse of Splish Splash Tish Cash being away fighting an election in the **Itty City? She was scarcely ever seen there. A couple or three hustings at best.
  • Was Splish Splash Tish Cash not in fact off jet setting with, and/or getting divorced from her billionaire first hubby, tasting the honey of Greece rather than of Kersal Vale?
  • Is Bill Cash Register still insisting that he will be standing for parliament at the next General Election?
  • Will Splish Splash Tish Cash continue to seek a seat to also stand for parliament or pursue her eccentric path towards "the Bar"?
  • Presumably Bill Cash Register will be standing for UKIP, but does this also go for his apparently like father like daughter rampette?
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    benchilltory said...

    Cash is an absolute disgrace,Cameron needs to withdraw the whip.