Friday, May 08, 2009

EXCLUSIVE, Brown: We Can Stop This Recovery In Its Tracks

If all countries act and invest and invent we can stop this Recovery Recession in its tracks.

Danny Finkelstein produced a Top Ten of Brown YouTube moments HERE but he, and every other media knocker and flim flam Tory crapster missed the above video. We posted it and spotted the trouble HERE but we weren't about to say more at that time.

Gordon says at 23 seconds precisely that we can "stop this Recovery" when he clearly means we can "stop this Recession".

This afternoon - around 6:30pm - on Radio Five the BBC's eminent word twiddler Robert Peston announced that the corner was turned Banks-wise and that, I kid you not, in less than two years time the story will be the Excess Profits of the Banks. Institutions that we as tax payers, pensioners, babies and children actually own! Doing incredibly well!

The story, according to Robert Peston, will be about what a cracking recovery our owned Banks and the Economy have had. We can and we are beating that recovery Recession to buggery by investment and invention.

That's Gordon's fault. He is to blame. Darling too. For beating the worst Banking crisis and Recession since records began. And so I couldn't give a monkey's toss whether his tap dancing, ice skating, YouTube screen testing, or comedic timing are considered "up to scratch" by the lobby. Finkelstein can go swivel. In the nicest possible way.

There's no getting away from the fact that Gordon Brown is NOT a YouTube Prime Minister. He is NOT a man for the blogs. NOT a Twitter Tweeter. NOT a skitter for Comic Relief. Gordon Brown is substance first and foremost. Competent, brain three times bigger than Wales, passionate, driven, 'phone-chucking (allegedly, who cares, Churchill often enjoyed emptying a Tommy Gun after tiffin time) Gordon. And that's why we (should) love him.

Substance over impression management every time. This is surely why the class act Tony Blair wore thin. Obviously we miss him now he's gone. With all his progressive ideas and that. Mistake perhaps? Looks like it 12 months out. But I'm not so sure. Only time will tell.

How ever many takes Gordon took to mildly cock up at 23 seconds in the above otherwise handy little web-only bonus video was that exact many takes too many. Taking a kicking at PMQs for resolutely doing the right thing and being hell bent on stopping this Recovery Recession in its tracks is far more persuasive. If we, Labour can only point that out.

FOOTNOTE: The jury is still out. Brown is a throwback to the good old days. But is he a PM for printed announcements in The Times?, for gathering families round the Radio?, for the earliest stirrings of Television recorded only four hours ago! on 16mm?, or perhaps, I don't know, could we trust him with live from the Ally Pally?

But we can be certain that, although as a Minister she was 200% wrong for saying so, Hazel Blears was 100% right that Gordon shouldn't be trying to out flair Blair. Or Cam. Caught in a no-win between Macavity and Ubiquity Brown should choose scarce but Capability Brown.

Gordon is supposedly the Anti-Blair. And absolutely the Anti-Cam. With Cam being the shallow as fuck phoney-Heir-to-Blair. Discuss.

UPDATED 08:53: i's dotted t's crossed.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Gordon Brown is substance, alright. It's just a pity the substance is shit.

Tell me something: if you got your own finances into trouble by spending too much money, do you think that spending more money would get you out of trouble?

Chris Paul said...

Yes Obnoxio there are circumstances in which spending more money WOULD be the right thing to do. More so in the case of the Public Finances. You really should think things through.

Just one little example - though the domestic budget is hardly a comparator - if one of the bread winners in a household loses their job or goes on short time or has a business that is in a rough patch, it is an absolutely standard practice to take a mortgage holiday, to re-mortgage, or to use other lines of credit.

As long as there is a well-founded belief in recovery of incomes we do not as a rule trade down to a two-up two-down every time there is a temporary interruption in our income. We do exactly as you say we won't do. Borrow more to cover the shortfall.

Peston says 7-4-9 will be a date that goes down in history as a corner turned. Hurrah! You should be celebrating too.

Liam Murray said...

"Not just talking, agreeing things"

Wonderful... Iannuci would be proud of this dialogue....

Chris Paul said...

Hasn't Iannuci actually joined the Labour communications effort? ... see Labour List yesterday.