Saturday, May 09, 2009

Grand Designs: Tories to Join Moron in Home Love Triangles?

Margaret Moron (Labour, Loot On) is getting a real good kicking over at Iain Dale's Diary. I think we should all remember that these MPs - and it will of course be MPs of all parties - can and do usually claim all or most of this slush fund one way or another and don't have to stuff up like this to end up with the same amount of Loot.

And I think Iain should certainly heed warnings from one or two commenters who are rightly holding their breath for when the Tory MP files are also profiled and offered up to Lord Ashcroft's - paradoxical ain't it? - Crimestoppers.

The big complaint here is that Moron's claim stretches her parliamentary and home life to three disparate locations. Loot On, her constituency, Trade Up, her bolt hole, and Sea Snide, her other bolt hole. This actually reminds me of a certain Tory high up, charged with sleaze busting by David Cameron no less, who claimed to have a "constituency secretary" in a home that was neither in her constituency nor near Westminster. Remember her?

Moron could have maxxed out her ACA without this utter stupidity. But Caroline Spelman was extremely lucky to get away so lightly with her blatant fiddle and her Mickey Mouse cover story to boot. Triangular arrangements also. Perhaps the Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards could re-open the file on that as the Tory hubbub reaches fever pitch?

Some might argue that pretending a nanny is a parliamentary case worker or secretary is far worse actually than clumsily stuffing up the simple matter of maxxing the expenses account?

Must say I am also nervous that one or other of Iain Dale's Tory pals will be found out having properties and claims relating to those properties in more than two locations. Can't promise that these will be distance perfect of course. But who'll give me attractive odds on No Tory MP Being Found "Doing a Moron" ...? And 100 miles or more from where they should be to maintain their political credibility?

CAPTION: Of course a clever MP like Nadine Dorries was bright enough to understand that one really oughta live in one's constituency and had the good sense to put her and ex-Hubby and "freak" (sic) Paul's brace of renovated Cotswold properties on the market only a year after her election, having found all the daily and weekly and so on commuting so very bothersome. Phew! Thank goodness for Nadine's good sense! Should have been on Grand Designs by the look of it.

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Or "Under the Hammer" at ye olde bankruptcy courts?