Saturday, May 09, 2009

Rowen's Online: Details of Spiked Picture and Story Revealed

Yesterday LOL were aghast that the Porn-Again Christian publisher, art-muck photographer, and would-be millionaire playboy (as spotted in action at a Bad Boys Bash this Easter) Malcolm "Porn-O" Journeaux's sagging organ Rochdale Online - soon to be renamed Rowen's Online - should "disappear" Simon Danczuk, the immensely and increasingly popular* Labour PPC for his town - who had helped organise a Number 10 meeting with Gordon Brown for asbestos campaigners - cropping him off the photograph (right) and removing all trace of the potential Saviour of Rochdale's fortunes and good name from the unattributed words too.

The un-bylined words are not nicked word-for-word from this article in the GMG-owned Rochdale Observer. Not this time. Very often Malcolm Porno-O would be hard-pressed to slide a King Size Rizla between "his" articles and those which have already been printed and/or published online by the proper publication. Now produced a mere 15-miles away in Norman Scott Place in Manchester.

However, The Obscurer section featuring man-about-town Simon Danczuk which I've pasted below is sadly completely absent from the Porn-O version. As of course is 40% of that group photograph:

Mr Addy was joined by fellow campaigners from across the country and Rochdale’s prospective parliamentary Labour candidate, Simon Danczuk.
Mr Danczuk added: "Turner and Newall workers were the first in the world to die of asbestos disease and over 85 years later the threat of this deadly dust still hangs over our town.
"Gordon Brown knows only too well that asbestos is a killer having seen his friend and neighbouring MP, John MacDougall, die of mesothelioma last year.
"We held productive talks looking at a number of options to help save lives."

If I had one complaint about these heroic asbestos campaigners from Rochdale and country-wide it would be that they've allowed guilty man and Cyril Smith asbestos-denial protegé Paul Rowen MP (Lib Dem, Rochdale) to ride on their coat tails. Despite his hypocrisy and his complete and utter failures on the lethal asbestos menace (Cyril blaming the workers and the dead and dying).

Failing to condemn Cyril Smith's grubby hand in glove tie ins with Turner Brothers - even stretching to near verbatim rendering of their asbestos weavers "spin" on "magic mineral" safety.

Failing to get off the splintery fence on redevelopment of the Spodden Valley killing fields. With developers, with deep and wide Rochdale links, and we hear deep pockets, wishing to throw up a housing estate, and a kiddies play area on top of tons of deadly fibres. Enough to cover Wembley Stadium's playing area to a depth of almost five feet. With just one particle of that tonnage sufficient to kill.

Failing even on his own latest hobby-horse. Claiming that there was no asbestos danger in Rochdale Schools. Before finally seeing he must defy the monster Cyril Smith, stop sending out for bigger shovels, and start pretending he cares.

However, Rowen's hypocrisy and opportunism aside for one moment, being as these asbestos health campaigners are tolerating Rowen's bandwagon jumping you'd have thought that the appearance, since Porno-O has been taking taxpayer funds to big up Rowen's sad parliamentary performance through an RO Web Solutions site, subtitled "Putting Rowen First" and a potential RO prize winner at that, of spiking every single story about Labour and Simon Danczuk would be abandoned? For this one story at least?

* FOOTNOTE: We say "immensely and increasingly popular" in reference to Simon Danczuk because we have received a tip off from our mole in the statistics bunker stating that Simon is now at level pegging with useless Rowen in the name recognition stakes. One thousand people in the town were asked to name their MP and asked to name the Labour PPC. Unprompted - without any hint or help - the numbers responding successfully are now almost exactly the same in both cases.

Strange that. PR Paul is not only a former long-standing Lib Dem councillor and prominent Lib Dem planning committee member, but also a long time leader of the Lib Dem cabal on the council, and what's more a former leader of the Council! And he's been MP for four years! I couldn't possibly comment on the rumour doing the rounds that "back room boy" Dave Hennigan's name came close to his bosses, and the idea, circulating mostly in the often sozzled zone between Hennigan's ears, that The Henn would actually have more chance of saving the seat for Cyril's cronies than PR Paul.

LAST WORD: Desperate PR Paul is still trying to make out that website revelations and opinions, such as those above and elsewhere on this blog, are McBride-like smears. But we challenge him to put up or shut up. You say you'd sue if these stories were printed in the inky media. They have been and you have not sued. Because they are true. We fear that things are going to get a lot worse for PR Paul this coming week. He'll have to wait and see what emerges. In digits or in inky print.


Stella A said...

Like Marmite, Dave H has Rochdale Lib Dems divided.

On one side are those who want to see the back of him.

On the other are those who are grateful for all his very hard work. In fact they see how Paul Rowen just takes what Dave does with ingratitude and contempt (apart from the above pay scale salary- but seeing as that is taken from jiggling parliamentary expenses it was no skin off Rowen's nose- until the expenses shit hit the fan.

Fans of Dave H are clear that given he does all the work then really he should be the Lib Dem MP for Rochdale.

Paul has failed to take advantage of Dave's efforts. But what do you expect from a piss poor glorified councillor who has become fat and ruddy cheeked from his time at the Westminster trough?

Just how safe is Paul Rowen in his seat and reselection?

Chris Paul said...

Think Rowen has been re-selected? And should he yet be unseated over some scandal or other - filthy smears from Henn perhaps? business dealings? hidden donations? cyril sex and violence sleaze? more asbestos corruption? - then it could not be reasonable to install his tax-payer funded "agent" (sic).

Henn was clearly identified as a political worker in Rochdale Lib Dem accounts, and was clearly to be paid for in future from parliamentary funds. A clear breach of the rules if true.

Would Rochdale put up with such a sleazebag as their MP? They've a track record including sleazy Cyril of course. But I think he's hoping to knife Wera Hobhouse - who may yet re-defect? - and stand in Heywood when Jim Dobbin finally retires.

Old Peculiar said...

no, definately Lib Dem Rochdale is due to get a thick serving of Marmite on toast washing down with lashings of vodka.

lashing? opps...Freudian slip.

Mistakes like that deserve a good spanking.

Spanking? opps...get the wet sponge out.

Which brings us back to wet sponge on the tax payer, the current MP Paul Rowen who must be watching his back like a tory in the Eton showers.

Eton? opps...Who mentioned cocaine?

Anonymous said...
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Chris Paul said...

Dave Henn - I'm really sorry mate. I'm taking that last comment down. I know it's the weekend and there's been a big drink up and all. But that one is ridiculous. Even by your standards. As are some on the other post. You really are asking for the sack treatment. And I don't mean Saint Cyril and his hands that do dishes.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm is said to be a big fan of the Lib Dems campaign chief, Lord Razzle