Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nadine Dorries SEN: Raving Mythomania Back Dishing Blog Crap

Nadine Dorries MP has her blog back. Her marbles are still missing. As is her "main home" for allowances purposes. But in this post she has decided to quibble over whether the Labour PPC for the town is entitled to state that he "fought" in Iraq. Nadine claims that her opponent, seen at an earlier post when he questioned Nadine's rather grandiose travel costs, in his uniform as a TA Officer who served with Military Intelligence when the Iraq War was in a full-blooded phase, back in 2003, extending his original six-month tour, is claiming "hero" status for himself.

Ms Nadine Dorries MP SEN-and-minibar must be crazy indeed to call someone else's career history into question. David Reeves has repeated his request for examination of Ms Dorries' travel claims is all. In light of the new era of scrutiny in which we find ourselves.

Here's my comment. Perhaps she will let it through, perhaps she will not. We'll see. We'll have to hope that Cameron does not ditch this mythomaniac, and that Mr Reeves gets to oust her through the ballot box:

This gentleman volunteered to serve in Iraq during far more serious hostilities than we've seen this past year or three, and whether he was engaged in hand to hand fighting or using his brains to direct others in that fight or simply serving alongside regular soldiers using roads where improvised roadside devices were killing their comrades I'd allow him "fought" if I were you Nadine.

Or would you take the verb away from the first female soldier (Corporal Sarah Bryant) - also in Military Intelligence - who was killed in action in Iraq? Is that where this is going?

You present yourself as a "Nurse" in association with expert views on abortion, or more recently on swine flu. In fact you had only one year of formal training as an SEN, a second tier nurse, equivalent of finishing just one year of SRN or now RGN training which was typically four years. Auxiliaries used to become SEN just by being there doing bedpans for a couple of years.

I really don't think quibbling about "fought" is a good idea here Nadine and I don't think this man claimed to be a hero as such. You're projecting. Your whole CV appears to have been self-aggrandised and truth-stretched beyond belief. You should take this post down and think again.

Smug comes before a fall.

PICTURE CREDIT: From The Sun. Military Intelligence soldier Corporal Sarah Bryant's coffin arrives home.


Paul Halsall said...

I am supportive of Dorries vs. the Barclay brothers, but you are right here.

I just think it is a bit off to attack someone for being an SEN rather than an SRN.

Chris Paul said...

Well Paul, I'd agree that takedown of a whole blog is ridiculous, but think caling the Barclay's Nazi-sympathisers and anti-democrats was nutty as hell. Possibly not actionable though as so obviously the witterings of an idiot.

On the SEN/SRN thing. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with SEN status but it was what it was. My issue is not with SEN's or with student nurses back 30 years+ ago after one year's training (which is approximately equivalent) but with Dorries' spinning that with such training she has some right to an audience on medical matters.

I used to clean the operating theatre at the Bristol RCH, this does not make me an expert on paediatrics or surgery. But I sure as hell know how to operate scrubbing and buffing machines. Nadine knows about bedpans and blanket baths. Not obstetrics or epidemology. Yosser Hughes used to mend roads, this does not make him a highways engineer. Though he might use the term engineer to describe his calling.

Back in 2005 I raised the fact that John Leech MP had flexed his CV to exclude the fact that he was kicked out of MGS and also the fact that he had worked - as a trainee manager - for McDonalds. He was also aggrandising some call centre work.

One of Leech's sock muppets criticised me for having a down on a "working class" job. Of course management trainee is not WC as such but it was John Leech who had decided to gloss his CV to not include this job. He was the one with the problem.

Nadine has glossed her CV (and her life story) in every which way possible. And while she was a nurse for a short time it is well worth pointing out how much training she had when she is positioning herself as an expert on all things medical. She's not. Is all.

And attacking TA soldiers is another gaffe.

Wireman said...

She's drastically edited her post on David Reeves (while leaving the posting date and time unaltered).

Has she been told that "attacking the troops" is a bad idea? Or was she struck by a moment of clarity?

Whatever, give thanks to Brin and Page for Google cache.