Friday, May 22, 2009

Photoshoppery: APOLOGY to Chris Davies MEP, John Leech MP

Yesterday in the course of an expose of the Mail for touching up Gordon Brown we suggested in passing that Lib Dems in this area are capable of using photoshop with high level skills to re-composite photographs. They are of course capable of this. With far better skills than the Mail showed in the highlighted case.

Unless for example Cllr Marc Ramsbottom actually has three ears we can prove that beyond doubt. We do not retract that suggestion. Not one little bit.

However, having some doubts about a picture of Chris Davis MEP and John Leech MP that appeared on the front of his parliamentary report showing the two stuffed shirts in front of a tram and appearing to evidence some re-compositing, we foolishly went on to suggest that a picture of the pair in front of The Ewing School in Didsbury, in which they strike very close to the self same pose, might have been photoshopped or even, stretching my innuendo, that they'd not visited to take such a blick.

Having received a polite email attaching high-resolution photographs of the pair at both locations I can say without hesitation that (a) they've both been to both locations and been photographed and (b) that John is losing his hair and should get a good clothes brush (c) the spontaneity and variety of Lib Dem photo opportunities knows no bounds..

My most sincere apologies to Chris Davies MEP who is clearly honest as the day is long in every regard, and to John Leech MP who, while he is not a scrupulously honest man, was in fact photographed with Davies at both locations.

Hats off to the polite professionalism of the Lib Dem agent in this case. Polite professionalism pays off. Let's all remember this going forward.

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