Friday, June 19, 2009

Bring Back Dolly Draper: Labour List is Edited by Disloyalists

Three editorial blog posts on Labour List in less than three hours this morning.

Including this one which very simply echoes and mirrors and amplifies Tory rhetoric and does their work for them. More Labour List editorial fuck wittery I say. Bring back the idiot Draper. At least he was a loyal idiot.

The second paragraph shows what a poo brain we seem to have at the helm now in Captain Alex Smith. Criticise the party leader if he appears in public a lot or indeed at all. Slam him with this idiotic Tory "bunker" talk if he has a few days out of the media glare.

Make your mind up Alex.

Are you just the provisional wing of the Iain Dale elect-that-posh-allowance-cheat-Thatcherite-
BlackWednesday-dickhead-Cameron movement? Or do you actually have an ounce of discipline and self-respect? The Labour Party and the Labour Movement exists to speak up for and organise those with the least power and influence as individuals on their own account.

To unite and fight.

Disunity in the party and the movement is the greatest threat to the Party and movement doing the best we can do in the next General Election. Your people have done their plotting and attempted their comically piss poor putsch. They, or "you lot" is it? were beaten. Get over it.

Though people will habitually try to pin dissent and ill-discipline on the left it is usually some shard of "the Project" that does this back stabbing and front stabbing. You disloyalists are from henceforth to be known as "Projectiles" and you are vomiting on the pavement pounding shoes of the people's party.


Shit Stopper said...

There is loyalty and there is reality. We have a shit leader, shit policies and shitheads like you think unthinking loyalty will win an election.

Chris Paul said...

And "we" have brave souls like you who cut up rough but don't have the basic guts and manners to identify yourself. What's certain is that disloyalty and disunity will not do our fortunes any good. And our poll ratings have gone up an average of 6 points - count 'em - since unity was restored. A big move considering where we were.