Friday, June 19, 2009

The Hoon Alan "Oily" Duncan MP: He's A Combine Harvester

From LOL's point of view Alan "Oily" Duncan MP is utterly unsuitable to be an oily Member of Parliament, a shadow Oily spokesman, never mind an oily Minister.

Track Oily's parliamentary career and you will find him troughing like Mister Creosote. And attempting to draw a veil over oily contributions to his offices. Just as fellow Tory millionaire and expenses piss taker George GOOey Osborne did with his hedge fundies.

Track Oily's commercial career and you will find Oily and his associates not far away from spilt blood, harvested oil, excess dollars and sanctions busting.

Above, you'll see a clunky reprise of Oily's laughing goonery in the face of criticism for his runaway, nay driveaway troughing on HIGNFY. Paying back the five grand for his ride on combine harvester does not make the problem go away.

Oily Duncan is a greedy and compromised hoon. Oily is in the pocket of corrupt and devious oil interests, be they oligarchs or potentates Oily don't care. He is a walking, talking, dorking compromise. And for that reason Oily should not be re-elected to parliament. Is all. Back with some links in a bit.

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