Saturday, June 06, 2009

Caroline Flint MP: Does My Bandwidth Look Big In This?

This is the question from Caroline Flint's homepage just now. Window dressing my arse. Caroline Flint is a nightmare. Whatever you think about Brown ... Blears is a nightmare. Purnell is a nightmare. Flint is a nightmare. They have damaged our Party and they should all be very ashamed of themselves.

I've seen it written that Blears' timing was so deliberately damaging that she should be kicked out ... may have even won Nick Griffin an MEP seat by depressing our turnout.

Hoon should not get Commissioner job. "Plans change mate" he should be told. McNulty is a disgrace. Should be barred from standing again. Smith begins to look relatively good. And Hutton too. Half the Progress crew should be renamed "Regress". Two cheers to the other half for rising above rattle rattling big baby nonsense.

Andy Burnham and Ed Miliband were the only Progress MPs who mentioned Gordon Brown in a positive way at the Conference Putsch Wake/Rally back in September. Flint almost literally spat his name out. Purnell bumbled and mumbled. I've dusted off my notes. More soon.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Who cares?

Everyone is just enjoying the spectacle of the Prime Mentalist getting a long overdue kicking from a handful of people he doubtlessly screwed over many times.

And we are also wondering why the rest of the Labour Party is so utterly spineless.

Mind you don't disappear up your own chuff, Chris.

Anonymous said...

It's not Flint who damaged the party, it was Blair, Brown, their policies, the MPs who only cared about getting the maximum amount of money for their second homes, etc.

benchilltory said...

Whatever way you look at it we are witnesing the demise of this Labour Government.Infighting and resignations are a symptom of this decline rather than the cause.
However unpopular Brown may be, he is head and shoulders above anything else in the Government and i cannot see who you could pick to replace him.Too many "managers" and not enough people driven by conviction.
I do however have one tip for Mr Brown that may help improve his fortunes.Sack the person who advised him to smile all the time!He doesnot have the sort of face that suits a smile.Or his he smiling at the voices that no one else can hear?