Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The First Post: Cameron Win to be Last Post for Progress?

Neil Clark has provided a run down of the hawkish nature of Dave Cameron's cuddly new Tory front bench for The First Post. If the 10% cuts card doesn't trump the Tories, perhaps the wolf in sheep's clothing foreign affairs madness will hold sway? "Worse Than Blair on Foreign Affairs" could be our rhyme perhaps? Some highlights:

  • Dave Cameron - was himself boosted by Tory right and far-right neo-cons as they feared anti-war, pro-EU charismatic Ken Clarke would prevail over lame loon David Davis, he has finally joined or formed his loony right Euro Lebensraum grouping as promised;
  • Gang of Three Cam Champions - Gove, Vaizey, Osborne are hawks;
  • Michael Gove - author of hateful and absurd polemic Celsius 7/7, "neo-con rallying cry" of anti-Islamism, he says "totalitarian ideology" on a par with Nazism and Communism, must be fiercely opposed;
  • Ed Vaizey - like Gove signatory to principles of ultra-hawkish Henry Jackson Society, one of who's founders is an Attila - organisation founded at Peterhouse College Cambridge in 2005, and named after a warmongering US Senator who opposed d├ętente with Soviet Union;
  • George Osborne - Cameron's Shadow Chancellor, right-hand man, bulwark against Clarke; praised "excellent neo-conservative case" for war against Iraq (Hansard, scroll to col 734);
  • Hawkish Fellow Travellers - Policy eXchange is heavily linked to the Cam Crew, being set up by Gove and one Nick Boles, with boy blogger and sabre rattler Iain Dale in Trusty tow;
  • Nicholas Boles - is a fierce hawk, a member of the Notting Hill set, and has been parachuted into the safe seat of Grantham and Stamford;
  • Dean Godson - uber-hawk and dirty McBridivist trickster, shamed by Newsnight investigation into his team's Islam-bashing forgeries, even slammed by Black and Amiel as too loony right for them;
  • Back to Cameron Himself - bit of a weasel in public pronouncements, though some are pretty hawkish, but clearly beneath any "nice" veneer he's running with the dogs of war;
  • Mentioned in Dispatches - further "The Atlantic Bridge" militia - Fox the founder who has roped in Gove and Osborne op cit along with me old schooly Shadow Homey Chris Grayling and Shadow For "Foreigners" William Hague.

  • As Mr Clark asserts a goodly number of these folk, from Cameron himself downwards have been in some MP allowances bother or other. But with no pressure whatever to go. Whether they've flipped mightily, bought luxury goods incestuously, or played the second, third, fourth, fifth jobs to the hilt. Just don't call these "a foreigner"! (Definition two).


    DJ said...

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    Flabby Chops said...

    Is this the same Neil Clark who said that Iraqi interpretors who worked for the coalition should be refused asylum, and as 'quislings' had it coming if they were tortured and murdered? Even the CiF crowd got a bit queasy over his musings as I recall.

    Jako said...

    Yes, Flabby Chops is right. I don't know why you're taking Neil Clark's analysis seriously. He holds very unpleasant views (along the lines of the true heroes in Iraq are the ones killing Western troops and Iraqi civilians in the name of 'resistance') and seems unhinged, to put it politely.

    benchilltory said...

    Given that we are less than 10 months from a general election, to see such nonsense from a labour blogger suggest to me that you realise that you will lose, otherwise you would be blogging all the good things that your government has done such as a strong economy, fantastic schools and hospitals.
    You have had 13 years during which you have dragged this country down, you should step aside now.
    I must say that having watched Question time , i must say that i am impressed by old Harriet. i thought that she was some nu labour clone, however she does appear to be someone who believes in what she says rather than the rest of the careerist spineless millionaires who aspire to be leader of the labour party.
    Having said that there is no way that the sexist labour party would ever elect a woman ( save to fill in after the death of a leader), what chance a black man ?

    Chris Paul said...

    BHT first: In what sense is this post "nonsense"? Cameron and all these people are clearly on the right. Neocons. The cuddly image is rot.

    And: The last time the LP had an internal election ... we picked Harriet. So much for your theory on that one.

    Chris Paul said...

    As for Jako and Flabby Chops ... who gives a shit what else Neil Clark may have written. This item at First Post was very measured and factual. Play the ball not the man. The essence is that whatever the domestic agenda of tax and spend these Tories are poison when it comes to foreign affairs and arguably also community cohesion. this is another fron we should be fighting them on. At the ballot box, natch.

    Rochdale Rapper said...

    going to be led by hawks?

    more like shitehawks.

    Neil Clark and Citylightsgirl have the same IP address said...

    You can see Neil Clark get banned from Wikipedia for faking his own entry while pretending to be a girl.

    Dick said...

    I'm not sure how 'hawkish' anyone could be after what you lot have done - take up falconry or something. Be sensible man.