Monday, June 08, 2009

Old Nick Griffin MEP: North West Wakes to PR Disaster

Manchester Evening News coverage of the Griffin (far right) aberration is HERE. By leading with the "angry protests outside" line instead of with the principled walk out from the declaration - led by Sir Richard Leese MBE and the blessed Susan Williams - leaving Griffin to do his Ein Volk speech with only his dirty dozen of deeply damaged steroid abuse experiments and cudgel bearing wingnuts as an audience, the paper has arguably played into the hands of the BNP trolls.

I've commented myself at some length. Will be interesting to see whether they use it. If not I'll try to reproduce it here. Though Blogger has contrived to ditch the text. They're running two to three hours behind on the moderation front.

The version of PR we use is cracked and to blame for this debacle. Others, including Blears and her crew - the fascists got double figure % in her patch - Chris Davies MEP, and Sajjad Karim MEP should shoulder some blame for feeding this result with their actions. But if we add up the "wasted" votes for the four main parties and the seven parties on the undercard we get 550,000 peoples votes that did not count at all. the fascists won a seat with 132,094. Wrong. Very wrong.

We need to hope that light is the best disinfectant. And that five years exposure for Griffin's whacko conspiracy theories, his constitutionally racist party, and his sitting down with MEPs who openly call themselves fascists and openly salute BNP Deputy Simon Derby in fascist stylee will bring the North West to its senses.

Unite Against Fascism are holding a rally today at 5:30pm in Piccadilly Gardens.

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