Sunday, June 07, 2009

NW Euro Elections: Partial Result For Rochdale MBC

rochdale mbc result.
Con 8909

Labour 8468

Lib Dem 8299

UKIP 7141

BNP 4905

Thanks to anonymous for posting this information half an hour ago. Be interested to know what the total of the other seven lists and the soloist was.

If the eight NW seats were shared on the basis of these RMBC shares we'd get 2-2-2-1-1 with that last one being BNP. Fortunately this is the poorly run Lib Dem shambles that is Rochdale and there have previously been signs of the BNP doing well where the Lib Dems hold sway.

Something to do with nurturing of misery, cynicism and apolitica.


benchilltory said...

Tories topping the poll in Rochdale! if only

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Dirty Euro said...

Pretty poor results. Hopefully labour can reach 20%.
The party got done by expenses. The news agaenda was taken away.

Dick said...

Well, quite a few ex Labour voting for their natural successor of the BNP eh Chris? Say hello to that nice Mr Griffin next time you have tea with him.

Dirty Euro said...

BNP are evil. Those people have allowed neo nazi into parliament. We need the AV system to allow proportion but not nazis.

Dick said...

Ah - they voted for the wrong party - how foolish of them. Whatever were they thinking??

Dave Hennigan is a fool said...

Here's what Paul Rowen sent out in his weekly Westminster newsletter last week:

"I spent much of last Saturday with Chris Davies MEP out on the streets of Rochdale campaigning for the European Elections. We had a really positive response overall and it's clear that people are becoming more and more disillusioned with the direction that the Labour Government is taking our country. I look forward to the result which will be announced this Sunday."

You came third, Paul. Behind Labour. No matter how tough it is for the Government the people of Rochdale are a lot more disillusioned with the likes of you and Dave Hennigan giving them no representation at all. Your cynical, money grabbing, opportunistic, shallow, fraudulent--expense-claiming politics is finally being exposed for what it is.

Chris Paul said...

Dick 10:20 am - the problem was not particularly the 132,000 supporters of the BNP filth getting it wrong, though they did, and shame on them for backing these idiot criminals.

It was the cracked version of PR that saw the big four parties between them having some 300,000 "wasted" votes, all AGAINST Griffin, and another 250,000 plus to Greens and the tiddlers, also all against the BNP, and also not counted. The system is whack. I'll blog about this later.

The result was/is clearly incomplete anon 22:48 ... for example the Greens got around 2,500 in Rochdale meaning that whereas over the whole region they were neck and neck with the fascists, and occasionally bested them, in Rochdale and other East Lancs centres the fascists had the edge.

Useless Lib Dems are a contributory factor IMO.

Will be interested to see what the Tories do to throw away or build on the small edge they have over Labour and the Lib Dems in Rochdale MBC ... will they back pedal and give Rowen a free run at his expenses troughing? Or actually try to max their vote? Which would certainly sink Rowen.

Methinks they will throw it away to give PR Paul a chance at survival he does not deserve.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, even the Rowen online is turning on the Libs. This is from their report.

"Locally it was a sorry tale for the Liberal Democrats. They were beaten by the Conservatives and Labour in Rochdale, despite the fact that they currently control the council and the constituency."

It's double trouble for Rowen. He didn't even win the best bespoke website from Malcolm's vanity publication awards on Saturday.

Chris Paul said...

He didn't win!?? That's terrible. But was he third as in last night's count?

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Absolutely amazing.

Rowen Online have just changed their content to criticise Labour instead. No doubt Dave Hennigan was on the phone reminding Malcolm who pays his bills. It now reads:

Labour lost a North West MEP on one of their worst ever election nights, with BNP leader Nick Griffin taking over the seat.

The Conservatives leapfrogged Labour and the Liberal Democrats in Rochdale, with Labour's vote halved from 2004.

Dick said...

Chris - if you're gonna walk down that road then what about the 35% turnout - nobody voted for anybody and 2/3rds voted (in strange parallel universe logic) against them all.

Never been a fan of PR but I really can't get excited about a couple of prima donnas in Brussels/ Strasbourg / boozer at the bottom of Commercial Street etc.

Dick said...

Oh, and just for the record - Geoff Hoon has become synonomous with the 'C' word that ladies don't like us using because he really is a criminal. Not over the invasion of Iraq - beyond my pervue, but because of utter contempt, negligence and twattishness. For the record ya know.

Anonymous said...

Now that Rowen Online have got back to their Lib Dem default supporting position, as Porno editor swiftly changed any criticism of the Lib Dems after they came third in Rochdale, I think it's interesting to note the related articles next to this feeble piece of journalism.

How interesting that the top article reads: 'Rochdale Borough Liberal Democrats thank Rochdale Online'.

Of course they do. For Malcolm's biased, blinkered and continued support.

Dirty Euro said...

Dick (apt name): they did vote for the wrong party. How can a neo nazi party be the right party. The AV system ensures parties with tiny minorities of the vote hated by most decent people do not get in. It is evil that such evil people will get such high wages in parliament. The two MEPS for the BNP are nasty pieces of work.
NAZIS are the wrong party. If you want to be the new Hitler admit it stop being such a sneaky nazi.

Dick said...

Dirty Euro - no, no and thrice no. They didn't vote for the wrong party at all. That's the problem with democracy, yer know, people make up their own minds.

Whaddya want? JS Mill wanted more votes for educated people - d'ya want that? Do you wanna ban parties? Do you want to prevent people from voting?

Joined up thinking - hardly. There's a simple way to beat the BNP - get more votes - simples!

Dirty Euro said...

They did vote for the wrong party. I do not have to agree they voted for the right party, we do not live in your tyranny yet. You do not understand the difference between me allowing someone to vote for who they want vote for and me disagreeing with them. I do not accept that a party that gains 6% of the vote is representing people in parliament. That is a bizzare weak PR system, and I have a right to say that too, although I am sure you will tell me that me that I have no right to question the voting system or some such BS.

I support democracy. But I have every right to say you voted for the wrong party. You have some bizzare notion that I must support the party your voted for even when it is a neo nazi party who would have me killed for being of gypsy extraction.
I have every right to say they voted for the wrong party.
Tell me why the BNP are the right party.
In my view a party that would kill gays, gypises and jews is the wrong party. In your view it is the right party. You are a NAZI. Now go and play with your swatikas.

Dirty Euro said...

Dick perhaps your name should be dick dick dick and thrice dick.

Dick said...

I voted Tory sunshine - don't drag my voting record into this. However, whilst your points about PR are valid - it was a level playing field - everyone knew the system - can't go blaming that.

And what's with all the personal insults? Just because I don't agree with you I'm a Nazi? I certainly never said it was 'the right' party - just that it wasn't the wrong one - many points along the standard deviation curve and they've been taken to court many times and their literature is legal - ergo - they are a LEGITIMATE party - not right, not wrong but legal.

Now pop that in yer pipe and smoke you authoritarian, snotty, holier than thou, home made pedastle manufacturer, conceited git.

I rest my case.

Dirty Euro said...

You insulted me with you arrogant tone. I said it was wrong for the BNP neo nazi to win seats. Then you start some BS in saying i must be against democracy if I do not support the BNP winning seats. They are a wrong party they support nazi views. The NAZIS were legal it did not make the right party when they killed 5 million jews. It made them the wrong party.
You rest your case, more like you rest your headcase.

Chris Paul said...

Dick is a Tory. Tories contributed to this aberration by their communalist campaigning, copied from the Lib Dem campaign, with the same candidate, in 2004.

They went into the mosques and they recruited some people to vote Tory as a way of voting Asian, and they will have switched some Lab and LD votes off too. Even someone who cannot bring themselves to vote Tory might be loath to vote against if they believe they could be chucking out an asian MEP.

Dick the Prick said...

Which I think is fair enough - no vote is naturally anyone's. Each has to be fought for and sure tactics are deployed and it's unprincipled but I think we have to stove BNP candidates heads in - not the wankers who voted for them.

Chris Paul said...

For the avoidance of doubt Dick has the "other Dick" been you too?

The Tory (and previously Lib Dem) tactic of calling for a vote on race or faith grounds as opposed to policy is absolutely lamentable. And many folk say this contributed to the narrow margin for the BNP gaining their seat here.

Sajjad Haider Karim seems to be a bit of a twat. Unprincipled. But will he be able to put up with the Tories if they hold hands with the One Blood lot from wherever they're from? or has Cameron simply pretended he'd flounce out of the Centre Right Vote to hold back UKIP and cynically pocket a few more seats?

Dick said...

Yup - don't like logging in at work. Yup - number 2. I think the EPP is largely rubbish though. It's one thing to fudge a referendum but it's something completely different actively pushing through Barroso's re-election. I dunno - we've all got freaks in our parties and yet have to pander to their mandate sometimes - hmm.... a rational debate about Europe??? Can anyone be bothered especially as me laddo above is complaining about PR - AV+ - hmm... I've got a sol-you-shun!! Have a good un Chris.

Dick said...

PS - quite amusing that the lad called me dick, dick, dick - felt like i'd been promoted a rank!