Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rt Hoon Hazel Blears MP: Some New Developments

We'll start with the above Manchester Evening News photograph. Of protesters outside her "recall" hearing last night. That guy on the left, as it were, looks strangely familiar. But no. Can't be. Not a chance. Is there? Much as he takes an interest in that woman's career.

That picture was big, front and centre on what's called the "Main Edition". Which is the last one that gets delivered to anyone's house. And the one that's on sale 'til late and beyond in every newsagent and garage and supermarket and late shop across much of the NW region.

... But tonight not unusually there was a later edition. But this was one that was radically reworked thanks to a scoop from the inimitable Neal Keeling. The ultimate superstar vocational "beat" reporter of all time. More anon. Whoops!


Chris Paul said...
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Anonymous said...

Does Leese have a trotty doppleganger then? A pretty close likeness, well spotted.