Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rochdale's Rowen Rat: Spanksy Rat NOT Painted By Lib Dems

The Spanksy "Rowen Rat" with portcullis bling and menacing plantain has it seems spread like wild fire in the neighbourhoods of Rochdale MBC. Sightings are coming in all the time.

What we've learned: These certainly aren't a stencil of defiance from Rowen Rat himself over Bananas Gate. Rowen Rat's absence of good sense of humour and sense of proportion have become as legendary as his flushed apoplexy. And what is more, we're reliably informed, Rowen's Ratfinks haven't yet found a single one of them to paint over. And you thought they were out and about doing "pavement politics"?


Anonymous said...

Pavement politics? You're having a laugh aren't you Chris?

Stumblebum Hennigan sometimes sleeps on the pavement when he can't get his keys in the lock at Drake street (many a time he's been seen fumbling away, then staggering back and falling over a wall. Poor sod). But these clowns haven't got the foggiest idea how to campaign.

Swarbrick spends all day on Rochdale Online bullying a poor priest. Power is glued to a computer writing crap councillor diaries (which backfire when he libels Tories and the councillor in question - Zulf Ali - admits he's never seen said councillor diary and then has to write an apology in the Observer for Power's stupidity. Duh!) and Hennigan just prowls around menacingly annoying people on the phone and writing up some more dossiers on priests and anyone else who generally think the Lib Dems are useless. They don't do any door-to-door canvassing or they'd be chased out of town.

There are large parts of Rochdale where people have never seen Paul Rowen. They don't even know what he looks like. I give them a card with your website on, Chris, and tell them they'll find all they need to know about Rowen there.

All Rowen does is attend a load of tedious fetes, lawnmower shop openings, rotary do's, freemason shindigs and the like. He never meets the public. The public can't stand him - and I think he knows it.

Adam "The Power" Power said...

Never thought of that. Can I change sides? That's totally tragic. Totally. They seemed to love Cyril, even though he was and is a complete and utter user. They knew it. They didn't seem to care.

With Rowen it seems to be different. They know he's a bully. But so was Cyril. One they despise, one they loved. that's gotta hurt?

Whipp and Bourne, grin and borne it said...

Yeah, like "ouch, you fat bastard, that hurts" as the Whippy apprentice boys used to wail "hands off my balls, you bastard fat bastard bastard".

"I'll vote for you though"

Rochdale Rapper said...

Happy days.

When politicians like Cyril had a firm grip.

And grateful Rochdalians knew their place.

Jobs were for life.

Lingering deaths were accepted.

And the Rochdale Obscurer let those involved get away with murder.

The ghost of Cambridge House said...

Cyril Smith should see a courtroom to face up to the horrible charges of sex abuse that have been levelled against him.

As someone who must have known and must have covered things up, should his Parliamentary agent for many years - Alan Taylor - (now leader of Rochdale Council) also be in the dock for conspiracy?

and any others who kept quiet but knew about allegations of Cyril Smith's late night sex abuse visits to this young lad's work hostel.

The ghost of Cambridge House said...

apostrophe malfunction.

not lad's

that should be lads'

- as the serious allegations about Cyril Smith regard sexually abusing, spanking and testicle squeezing several 15-17 year olds in the early 1960's.

Anonymous said...

The Lib Dem spin doctors in Rochdale are getting sloppy.
The Chairman of Rochdale Township gave a ringing endorsement to the Council, praising the success of a "Feel Good Festival" in a report written two days before it happened!

Anonymous said...

or was it Rochdale Council officers- they have a habit of doing most of the work for lazy councillors (who then take the credit for good news and are told what to do and think on the difficult stuff)

Rochdale has been an officer led council for years.

Cyril Smith
Richard Farnell
Alan Taylor

same M.O.

same mistakes

same damage caused to Rochdale

Chris Paul said...

Perhaps the Feel Good festival would have already been well underway by then if it were not for Lib Dem culture cuts?

And where is the Hennigan Arts Centre? The one he promised to resign over if it wasn't delivered?

And has he paid that "I'll get rid of Cllr X in Y days" £200 bet out yet?

That's the one where he was relying on reviving a decade old piece of defamatory and untrue gossip from the days of Sir C "Spwanker" Smith pretty much?

Were the police told the evil doer to go swivel with his reheated smears and manic intoxication.

Anonymous said...

Dave Hennigan is talking pure shite in the MEN today on p25. He's Rowen's spokesman on the bananas story where he claims that Rowen was taken off "a high profile, urgent case" because of a banana protest. What high profile case was that, Dave? Working out his adult film expenses for the month?

Anonymous said...

Stop press, breaking news!!!

An MP who watched adult films on taxpayers expenses has been confronted by protesters - dressed as porn stars.

Angry protesters confronted Lib Dem MP Paul Rowen as he arrived at the pub to take his agent, Dave Hennigan, home from an all-day session.

A spokesman for the MP called it a "terrible" protest and said: "This stunt interrupted a hugely serious, major event of world shattering importance. Dave Hennigan was on the phone to Nelson Mandela at the bar and was just about to share his thoughts on how to solve world poverty when he shit his pants and passed out. Our staff were were taken off a high profile, urgent case to deal with it."

Paul Rowen said: "I've had enough. I'm off to Thailand."

Chris Paul said...

That's not true. Not of that is true. Goodness me. Next time someone has a little joke at Rowen's expense he might think twice about the nuclear option. But that's just not true. Nelson Mandela WAS NOT "at the bar".

Anonymous said...

That fool Rowen is blethering on about Job Centre Plus staff not having enough qualifications this week. What qualifications do his staff have? Hennigan used to work in one of his dad's pubs doing bacardi breezer promotions I'm told, while Power and Swarbrick's only qualifications are that they have an excellent pedigree where bullying priests are concerned.

Considering that our MP surrounds himself with nothing more than hired thugs he's got no right to be having a go at Job Centre Plus staff.

Rowen is the worst MP in the country. An odious creep.