Monday, August 31, 2009

Baltimore Midsomer Spoof: Alex Hilton Should be Promoted

Alex Hilton has re-opened his "mayor of baltimore" site with an explanation.

Rather than being carpeted for this transparent tomfoolery or even taken to task by the party, as Iain Dale suggests would have happened to a witty Tory PPC, if there were such a thing, I think that Alex should be immediately promoted to PPC in a long-shot yet winnable seat. Congleton, Macclesfield and Tatton spring to mind. Perhaps a tilt at the Hoon Chris Grayling MP himself in Epsom and Ewell? Or in the area where the man lives. And no I don't mean Rotherhithe.

LOL ain't going to make any apology for propagating this obvious spoof. We'll have a dig at Iain instead. On his track record Mr Dale would generally have blogged first and asked questions later. Saved from mortifi-cation by his stay-cation.

INCIDENTALLY Iain has the strange idea that a gay man cannot be homophobic. That really is twaddle. Matt Wardman's picture shows red eye Alex pointing at red eye Dave's unzipped flies. How they laughed!


Chris Gale said...

I have posted on this on Labour Home and I am aghast that people are defending Alex Hilton over this juvenile nonsense.
How exactly does impersonating an elected official of another country help our party?
It is crassly stupid.
That a person entrusted as PPC engages in this is even more shocking. If he has IT skills then use them in an adult and construtive way not in a way that is shameful and damaging to the work people are doing to keep people onside outside of the twitdom/blog world of unreality.

Chris Paul said...

Aghast? Impersonating? Crassly stupid? Are you completely bonkers, anal and stoopid Chris Gale? Next you'll be telling us that Alex made the baby Jesus cry. I can almost sense this between the lines of your wretched bleating.

You have seen e.g. Marina Hyde spoofing people's diaries in the Guardian? And is it Tim Dowling doing Obama emails in the same organ? This was a clearly signposted spoof.

The only wonder is that anyone whatsoever was fooled by it. And that having been fooled some of them had the lack of judgement to throw their toys.

What do you think of the picture of Alex pointing at Dave's todger?