Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Childish Cameron: Hostages to Fortune, Prisoner of Conscience

LOL covered the lame "Afghanistan Spoiler" story a couple of days ago HERE. Iain Dale wrote the following. Note that he starts by saying he has no idea about the facts, yet ends with childish name-calling:

The Timing of Gordon's Trip to Afghanistan
Iain Dale 3:04 PM

I have no idea whether the timing of Gordon Brown's trip to Afghanistan was deliberately planned to scupper David Cameron's visit, which had been in diary for weeks if not months. I'd like to think not. But doesn't the fact that both the media and many Labour supporters think it was, tell you an awful lot about how people feel he has debased our politics?

The trip to Iraq during the 2007 Conservative conference is still etched in people's memories. I find it difficult to believe that the misjudgement (to call it at its kindest) could be deliberately repeated, but with this crew, you can never tell. They're that nasty, and that stupid.

We think Cameron and Coulson who had no need to bail out and only a lame excuse will now re-schedule for a moment with the greatest impact they can muster. During Labour's conference perhaps? Watch this space.

Last night Iain posted using the "A" word, "Appeasement", properly applied to those damnable Tories and their pathetic Hitler-excusing attitudes of 1938 and 1939 of which there is a topical anniversary, but here shrill-ly (sp?) in relation to the Al Megrahi release.

Whatever people may think of the SNP/Judicial decision - under scottish law's "compassion" provisions - to return this dying man to his family in Libya the conflation or inflation of the idea of not wanting him to die in jail to not wanting him to die in Britain, as one of the mid-market tabs has it, is more very probably Tory-inspired churnalism.

"Not in jail" and "not in Britain" are quite different. Surely not even the cuddly new Tories would expect this man to die in a jail cell? They'd let him transfer to hospital wouldn't they? Allow his family to visit him? Perhaps have them together in a hospice situation? Indeed I believe there were costed plans for a Glasgow option at a cost to taxpayers somewhere of £100,000 per week.

All these are "not in jail" are they not?

Seems to me that Tories in general and David Cameron in particular are losing it over these Foreign Policy and legal matters. Cameron's attacks seem to say "I'm a toddler, and an opportunistic toddler at that, when it comes to this big, difficult stuff." More on this later perhaps. Meanwhile suffice to say that he's leaving hostages to fortune and prisoners of conscience everywhere.

OMG! Nick Clegg is now joining in. On Sky News conflating "not in jail" with "not in Britain" and apparently backing the nicely liberal "die in jail" line. Got he's an opportunistic scumbag! He's gone from praising Alex Salmond for taking the flak for a difficult decision to saying he's out of his depth. Clogg is now accepting a Sky invitation in a live interview with news heavyweight Eamon Holmes ...

FOOTNOTE: And the heavy-rotation Sky pitch for a televised leadership debate? Here pimped by Adam Boulton hisself. Yeuch! If it happens - and we know Mandy has indicated proxy PM enthusiasm for the concept - surely BBC Television, Radio and Online would be a better platform than Sky plus the rather unlikely prospect of 300 commercial radio stations carrying it through IRN? The prospect is, how you say, "Chilling".


Anonymous said...

Isn't Cloggie a total wanker and Libdem whiner? Probably why they picked him for their leader ... instead of someone with principles, nuance, optimism.

Prediction: The Lib Dems are going to lose BAAAAAAAAD, debate or no debate.

benchilltory said...

anonymous,in your prediction delete the words lib dems are and insert LABOUR is!

Chris Paul said...

You think? A question working on several levels as you're Tory in Benchill.

Clegg is a bit of a lumbering fool don't you think? Going "me too" as soon as Cameron says "me"? While meanwhile his boy in Man Wit continues to pretend he's a radical lefty and that his party are basically statist commies.

Both these parties are being idiotic when it comes to modern diplomacy and also Afghan visits in silly Cam's case. He's no statesman that one.

Whatever happens to Labour - and a week never mind nine months is a long time in politics - the Lib Dems have been found out as a weasely irrelevance and as incompetents in Town Halls.

In short I agree with anon. Clegg is a wassock. Lib Dems will lose bad whatever happens to everything else in the world. 30 seats? Perhaps only 20. Donald!