Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Archbishop is Complete Tweet: Employs Delectable Kerron

Report the Telegraph with some sinning on the facts, and more gracefully Ruth Gledhill, Murdoch's "god" (and "prophet"?) correspondent at the Times. And there's a blessed facebook group to boot. As you'll see from the reports Archbishop Sentamu, who raised some eye brows with shameless campery in the nave, advertised the post on his Twitter feed, right here. The Blessed Cross can also be followed ... though his Blessed Blog is no more.

TRIVIA: As one of the flock of "best men" - the lasso mangler if you know the drill - for my mate Barry and Marilyn's wedding in Manila a few years ago 'twas amusing to learn that not only did the church have Cardinal Sin as its Principal, but our celebrant was one Fr Rusty Cruz, no relation. Gerblogged before.

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