Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bananas Rochdale Lib Dems: Continuing to Bully Parish Priest

What follows is a verbatim exchange from Rochdale Online (employed by the taxpayer to produce a website for Paul "Bananas" Rowen MP), and appeared on their community forum. And they say in matters of Church and State never the two should meet! Tell that to Father Paul and Dave "what a state" Hennigan, right hand man of PR Paul "Bananas" Rowen MP!

David Hennigan is the not-so-dearly-departed ex-Councillor for Levenshulme who left under a cloud and what may have been a tissue of lies to "join a male voice choir" in Wales and promptly turned up as a hired gun to lie and cheat PR Paul Rowen into parliament in 04-05. Though of course Rowen continued as Councillor too, claiming to have donated all his allowances for this to charity, but failing so far to provide a listing. Though Rowen is a regular at mass. All be it in a shabby combo of pyjama like shirt, crumpled tracksuit top, baggy but too short suit trousers, and cheap training shoes.

Heywood Parish Priest is a Roman Catholic Cleric running a Parish in Heywood, a township adjoining Rochdale proper, who has been subject of very extreme daily bullying behaviour online and on the 'phone from Hennigan (Paul Rowen's taxpayer funded "Political Agent"), Dale Mulgrew (Son of Welly Boot "Comic" and Lib Dem councillor), Adam "The Power" Power (former "intern" and apparently Lib Dem group hired help, working out of Rowen's taxpayer funded, rented off Lib Dems office) and also another couple of bullying Lib Dem rascals (taxpayer funded also) whose names I wouldn't spit at Hennigan if his pants were on fire, again.

To add a twist Heywood Parish Priest was the celebrant at Hennigan's nuptial mass and was a good friend to Henn during the irretrievable breakdown of said nuptials. The Lib Dem bully brigade of Rowen/taxpayer employees have persistently used the (commercially connected to Rowen, using our money) Rochdale Online to bully the outspoken priest, to threaten letters to bishops, the pope probably, and to generally defame and abuse.

Such is Lib Dem politics in Rochdale town. Bananas! ain't a strong enough term for it. Dale and Doreeen here mentioned are Lib Dem councillors. Here follows the lesson:

Dave Hennigan Gold Member United Kingdom
1588 Posts Posted - 09/08/2009 : 19:54:16

As you have praised Dale for his prompt actions following your complaints, I am surprised at your agressive stance. Not once did you try and discuss this with Dale. Instead you choose to try and attract attention with an ill researched post. When speaking to Dale, his reaction that he wasn't going to bother responding as your attack is more reflective on you PP than anything else.

You mention Doreen, but you drove her out of your parish.

You care more about attacking us than you do looking after your parishioners... not a good advert for priesthood. This is not a smear, it is more a sad reflection on your behaviour!

HeywoodPP Platinum Member United Kingdom
6943 Posts Posted - 09/08/2009 : 20:03:46


As you have praised Dale for his prompt actions following your complaints, I am surprised at your agressive stance. Not once did you try and discuss this with Dale. Instead you choose to try and attract attention with an ill researched post

I am surprised at Dale since I have spoken about this matter with him several times by phone and by email. I praise him for responding promptly to a situation of dire need. I criticise him because the changes his party pushed through created that situation in the first place. Your policy on long-term adult care in this Borough has more holes in it than a Man City defense.


You mention Doreen, but you drove her out of your parish.

That is a lie, David. Where people choose to come to Mass is their business, not mine. Doreen is always welcome. Indeed I have yet to meet anyone who can demonstrate that I have used the pulpit at St. Joseph's to make party political points or to endorse any particular party. Indeed, I have praised Doreen's Empty Homes Strategy on here. Apart from the United Utilities scandal, I think she's one of the more able Heywood Lib Dem councillors.


You care more about attacking us than you do looking after your parishioners

I do really think that securing good quality and consistent adult social care for all in the Borough, regardless of ability to pay, is in the best interests not just of my parishioners but of all people, don't you? I would even suggest that it is a moral issue.

I do notice, Dave, that you never come back with arguments about the policies and their rightness or wrongness. You either blame central government or the previous administration (or the one before which your party was part of!!) or claim credit for voting against the policy you previously supported, as with Heywood Cemetery. But as for defending the changes to adult social care, for example, you seem unable to find a single argument in favour of wholesale privatisation of long-term care.

"How many legions has the Pope?" Joseph Stalin

PICTURE: Old Paul "Bananas" Rowen finally gets his picture in the Guardian. And talk of his being on the Lib Dem front bench to boot. Result! That'll be a big drink for Hugh Muir next time PR Paul sees him I'll be bound.


Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen makes The Guardian? Nick Clegg will love that.

Oh dear, it's not a very complimentary article though. Makes him look a bit of a tit.

Anonymous said...

Makes him look 'unbelievable', 'ridiculous' and 'insane' if you ask me

Rochdale Rapper said...

Paul Rowen must be 'bananas' if he is really going to threaten libel.

A spectacular error of judgement from a public representative who has already trousered almost a million in parliamentary salary, expenses and allowances.

Paul - those 40p bananas don't come cheap. And they have a habit of repeating on you.

You silly, silly man.

Dr Horatio Feelgood said...

bananas are not indicative of mental state.

Sometimes a banana is just a banana. Bent and yellow - as Sigmund Freud might have said.

Anonymous said...

Paul Rowen wants to go to court to sue someone for calling him 'bananas'?!

He'll destroy his reputation forever if he does that. Hugh Muir is right in The Guardian. This fool needs to develop a thicker skin.

Dave Hennigan is a fool said...

How the tables have turned for team Rowen.

Back in 2005 they fought one of the most vicious, dirty, racist and deeply unethical campaigns against the sitting MP, Lorna Fitzsimons.

Four years later they're bleating on about being called 'bananas', and moaning about being made to look 'ridiculous' and 'unbelievable'.

There is a long trail of evidence regarding team Rowen's crooked modus operandi. Do they really want this to see the light of day in a court of law?

You reap what you sow, Paul.
Remember that.

Anonymous said...

I love Hennigan's idiotic logic. Does he think a smear is not a smear if you say it's not a smear after smearing someone?

It's a bit like saying, you're a total arse,Dave. And that's not an insult.

Do you need a Visa to enter planet Hennigan? These Lib Dems are utterly loopy

Anonymous said...

This really needs to go to court!!!

It must go to court.

This is the only way to make Paul Rowen really accountable.

They will be able to sell tickets outside court. Fantastic.

Is this 'banana libel' a real legal threat or just a bit of silly season shenanighans?

Anonymous said...

It's for real. The quote in the Guardian is from Rowen's solicitors.

Get Real said...

It can't be for real. It hasn't been reported on Rowen Online.

Or has Dave Hennighan been threatening Malcolm Porn-O to keep quiet?

Rowen wouldn't be as stupid as to make him self subject to so much ridicule (and scrutiny!!!) over references to bananas.

It reminds me of Pedro the Sheepshagger. "just a one a sheep and this is what they call me!"

40p and a daft legal threat has made Rowen "banana boy" infamous in the Guardian with his own unflattering cartoon.


That will teach him (or Henneghan) to threaten to have young Rochdale Observer hackettes sacked. Editors don't forget slimeball threats from politicians who have far too many skeletons in the closet for comfort.

Anonymous said...

Rowen who?

Chris Paul said...

Rowen Bananas MP is who. He's just bloody lucky the Guardian didn't pick on the "knob of butter" (15p) instead of the "bananas" (40p). And did he actually get paid out for the "television services" (£9.99) or did the Fees Office tell him he's a wanker and to go fuck himself?

A couple of serious questions:

If Bananas DID put in a receipt including £9.99 for TV services why are the media not asking about that? Perhaps it was a Sky top up to check on the hoarding he bought with his own money at the 'Dale? The time they were in televised banana cup action?

And what on earth is the fool up to going to lawyers at all? Has he no sense of humour and no humility?

And what on earth are any self respecting lawyers with the first idea about libel law agreeing to represent him against charges of being "bananas"?

Surely by going to law on this he simply shoots himself in the foot legally, proving the leaflets are 100% correct?