Wednesday, October 07, 2009

LOL Comment: Praise For Iain Dale's Tory Coming Out Party

It's late. But needs must blog. Illustration above: Steve Bell.

LOL say Tory Pride event tonight - what a triumph. Like a dog walking on its hind legs. Et cetera. Look it up on Google. Apologies to women preachers everywhere. Partying gay tories are I feel more deserving of those remarks --> Tories, some Tories, getting to, say, 1979 consciousness on gay rights, walking in an ungainly fashion with the odd woof breaking through. But we must nonetheless be impressed.

This is clearly a great leap forward from the chemical castration of Alan Turing. Whichever parties and sentiments and tendancies were involved in that. Caught or 'fessed up in the cottage bogs at what was The Long Bar, under what became Rotters, formerly The Gaumont cinema, or thereabouts. Which - fact fans - is literally only about 100 metres south down Oxford Street from the Manchester Central stockade.

Labour's favourite Ashcroft-controlled Tory Boy Blogger Iain Dale has of course been these jolly Tories' ring leader.

LOL say: well done Iain! 100% wrong on 99% of human politics, capable of being carried away in untrue and illogical directions, 100% wrong on most technical issues economic or environmental. But now 50% right on equal rights for gayers of all stripes.

Being a gayer yourself this will of course be typical Tory selfishness kicking in! Empathy with other groups shouldn't be too much of a stretch really? Though a rich person who is gay/black/woman/elder/disabled has often been immune from the harshest downsides of prejudice and disadvantage.

While Tory ideologies will hammer working/underclass gayers.

Leaving aside petty party politics and class war in general, tbf, Iain's Tory Pride party = quite a good thing.

At the same time, given that Tories in the European Parliament are led by Michal Kaminski - an Equality Retard, in spades, doubled and redoubled - any and all protests also deserve 100% LOL support.

And rocking Tory Shame parties at poptastic? Also an understandable and undeniable HiNRG protest at 500 years of Tory "pouff" and "dyke" and "odd" and "queer" and "gay" and "lezzer" and "homo" and "not like us" bashing.

Having a Party at Spirit is a great leap forward Iain Dale. Sincerely, well done. But you must surely now recognise the imperative to disassociate from the loons of central-east europe you are currently entangled with? And to consider the other minorities and constituencies also disadvantaged by Tory ideas going forward?

Relying on meritocracy -> won't do. Accepting existing advantage, and disadvantage -> won't do. Making others' struggles for equality subordinate to your own -> won't do.

Hannan's swivel-eyed mates. Get rid. Tell them firmly to go swivel. Then you can be proud of your party. But right now? Ground breaking event -> kudos. Real progress -> here's hoping. With Michal and Co in charge -> you're pissing in the wind.


Charley says... said...

now time for some front bench Tory truth on hard drug use.

Are they all in that together too?

benchilltory said...

alan turings wealthand background did not protect him from prejudice and disadvantage.

gordon brown is never around parliament to vote on gay issues

Lord Fontleroy said...

in olden days of Conservative rule if you are very rich and gay that was OK.

if you were poor or vulnerable then it was a criminal offence or victim of blackmail, riddicule or abuse.

Of all the parties it is the Tories who still have many vocal crackpots who will dismiss "homosexuals" as outcasts, ungodly, immoral or other vile smears.

Perhaps a more honest election statement could be: Vote Conservative- We drink champagne, soak the rich, go hunting, be semidetatched from Europe and want to flog homosexuals (in a bad way).

Anonymous said...

LOL - you really are a twat...

Jimmy said...

You missed the biggest coming out story of all:

""When I wake up in the morning the first conversations I have are with Eric Pickles and William Hague," [Bumface in the MEN]

There's an image I'm going to have to scour from my mind.

Anonymous said...

Cameron's speech offered us absolutely nothing new today - not one new policy, just the usual cult of call-me-dave personality bollocks. My vision...climb with me to the summit, the view will be lovely...what does any of this drivel mean?

There is zero substance to Cameron and when are people going to wake up and smell the coffee. I was sickened to hear some idiot from The Spectator on the BBC refer to Cam's blather as 'Martin Luther Kingian'.

benchilltory said...

oh dear,

seems that you nulabour types have finally woken up and smelt the coffee.

you know that you wont win and all that you have left is smears and slagging off the tories

the poverty pimps are about to be slung out
bring on the election!!!

He's Spartacus said...

Tick tock tick tock....

He's Spartacus said...

Has Steve Bell ever produced a cartoon that was funny?

Chris Paul said...

Yes. But have you managed a funny comment? Or a non-anonymous one, despite claims of being up front?

Anonymous said...

I was particularly impressed by Dave's Wife's choice of grey £65 M&S dress.
Low key, grey and little hint of triumpalism.

And Dave is known to be value for money too. A new generation of Eton spiv so oily they could run their own biofuel chelsea tractor.

Dave Hen in leather slave hotpants said...

Two faced Tories?

the "acceptable" face of the conservative party has hair growing round it.