Friday, October 16, 2009

PR Paul Rowen's Lib Dems: Refuse to Vote for Road Safety

Rochdale Lib Dems, formerly led by PR Paul Rowen MP (removed - for now - from right after a cease and desist "take down" notice) who took two salaries for two whole years and is yet to explain what he did with the loot, need to rush back to school by the look of things. LOL call on PR Paul to speedily condemn his shoddy Lib Dem crew for failing to vote sensibly on a Labour motion, also supported by Conservatives and independents, to roll out 20 mph zones for all local schools.

Just two Lib Dems voted for life saving 20 mph zones, one who is not the sharpest chisel in the toolbox voted against, while the rest sat on their hands and abstained.

All over the place. How on earth are they going to explain this vote in their blurry Focus leaflets? Answers on a postcard please. Why would they want drivers at large to be permitted to race by schools at 30 mph? Nationally more of their fellow franchise holders support these limits than not Google, though Lib Dems stopped Islington Greens' progress on a similar scheme.

Happily the motion was carried. But why didn't Lib Dems not (a) vote for the motion as it stood or (b) get their act together and amend it to suit their view or (c) have the guts to vote against road safety for kids and freedom for what these Liberals have been wont to call "boy racers"?

FOOTNOTE: Obviously speeding blur PR Paul Rowen (left) should have gone to Specsavers. The ones above make him look like he's been on the lash. PR Paul should probably also review and replace his current Botox contractor.
Lib Dem group councillors are apparently all donating substantial sums to party funds, though this tithe scheme is neither declared to Electoral Commission nor included in audited accounts. In fact they haven't submitted any for years though turnover must be over £25,000 threshhold.


Hob Knob said...

Fag and Asbestos Cyril loving Cllr Jean Jeanie takes the biscuit.

She says she avoided the vote because of a coughing fit.

Headline Grabber said...

"Rochdale Lib Dems in messy slack motion shocker"

Anonymous said...

Has Paul been touched up?

Skully said...

The shaky photo was taken by UFO investigators outside the main hangar at Area 51.

It shows Rowen emerging fully developed from a blue egg.

The main photo shows that Paul Rowen's parliamantary increase of weight has made his humanoid body suit become ill fitting.

Makes him look like Mr Potatohead.

Bluebottler said...

Dear Chris Paul
I posted a comment on the Rochdale Observer website over an hour ago but it has not been published.

here is what I wrote in reply to the headline and article about Mr Rowen getting a "clean bill of health" regarding his expenses-

"This is hardly a clean bill of health, not a matter for a smug the press release from Mr Rowen who published a letter to him that was marked "private and confidential".

Sir Thomas Legg only looked into one issue of expenses- Additional Cost Allowance ACA.

There is no mention Incidental Expenses Provision (IEP) and Communications Allowance.

Scrutiny of those raises some legitimate questions:

Was the greatly increased rent for Mr Rowen's office really set independently given that there is a close family and business connection with the surveyor and the landlord Rochdale Reform Buildings Ltd?

The Rochdale Lib Dem accounts signed off in 2005 and lodged with the Electoral Commission state that ALL staff wages and office provision will now be paid for out of the Parliamentary allowance. That flies in the face of the explanation given by Mr Rowen in June this year when he demanded a correction by the Rochdale Observer.

Also, in May 2009 Paul Rowen posted late at night on the internet that he would give a full explanation as to the amounts and names of the "mostly catholic" charities he donated all of his councillor expenses to for the 2 years that he was both an MP and a town councillor.

There has been utter silence since his late night partial confession.

All legitimate questions of public interest Mr Rowen. Isn't it time the taxpayers and voters of Rochdale deserved to have all the details?"

Captain Scarlett said...

The rochdale observer will never fully question Paul Rowen and the local lib dems. It goes against the original notion of the Liberal founders and Scott Trust. Does that make their journalism compromised?

Gaping hole (between the ears) said...

Botox? Shurely you mean "buttocks" given one of the things Paul Rowen does with his arse is talk through it.

Anonymous said...

This of course reported first on the website allegedly funded by Rowen. Ho hum!

Herbert Smyth said...

funded by Rowen's Communicaion Allowance- so really it is funded by us.

PMB said...

Chris - a simple alternative for the Rowen photo wpuld be to photoshop some national health glasses onto a potato.

A lumpy King Edward with a touch of a rosey glow would do it.