Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clean Bill of Health Currency: Utterly Demeaned, Meaningless

John Leech MP (right) is yet to be categorised by the Lib Dem Voice "clean bill" feed. Not like him to be slow in coming forward in such matters.

But the whole thing these Lib Dems are doing is rather meaningless I'd say. The Legg process is rather unsatisfactory and unfairly discriminatory in its tackling of the easy stuff and ig-norance of the hard stuff. And that's just on the ACA of course. PR Paul Rowen MP for example DOES NOT have a clean bill of health in most regards.

It's a great shame that he has used a media outlet with which he has a commercial relationship - using tax payers' money - to declare himself "clean". The dirty dog.

Here's my comment at LDV:

Calling this “clean bill of health” is silly. The scope is narrow and there is no cap on mortgage interest and no scrutiny of three of the four allowances areas. Also no scrutiny over donations and fundraising. And also a “no comment” policy on those entrained in other legal enquiries, clawbacks and disciplinaries.

“Clean bill of health” is quite wrong. It’s shameless exaggeration. And that goes for all parties. David Chaytor and Jacqui Smith has a “clean bill of health” on the basis of Legg letters I think. This does somethingly demean the currency doncha think?


MM said...

have you seen the latest photo of Paul Rowen on Rochdale Online?

Has some of the expenses cash gone on botox that has gone a bit wrong?

The only expression is a one-sided grimmace that looks like he has failed to keep a wet fart in.

Anonymous said...

The Lib Dems in Rochdale never fail to entertain with their useless muppetry.

The latest is a barmy post by Councillor Jean 'who's Nye Bevan?' Ashworth responding to accusations she deliberately ignored the health of children in a crucial council vote.

'I had intended to vote for the poor lil kiddies,' says mad Jeany. 'But I had a coughing fit and had to leave just before the vote.'

Priceless. Amazing how her coughing fit passed as soon as the vote was completed.