Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Sun Says Debacle: Rupert Murdoch Left With Piles

LOL completed the long journey back to civilisation at 3am this morning with a bizarre route choice through the very heart of the still congested metropolis between about 10:30 pm and midnight as well as a a Service Station breakfast barm pit stop at 1 am.

Something notable was observed at petrol station, convenience store and service station alike. Newspapers baled up. On the SOR system. Sale or Return.

Rupert Murdoch's Sun will be pulping an awful lot of leftovers this morning. Pile on the left contains all the other titles. Pile on the right "The Sun Has Lost It" detritus. Such a crying shame that a "once great" "family newspaper" should find itself hoist by its own petard.

The Great British public voted with their feet and chose Peter and Jordan, and indeed the range of serious papers that told the speech as it was. From the Daily Mirror gushing for page after page after blooming page to the "Last Throw (of the Dice)" sub-editors clump of the more Independent and others.

PHOTOGRAPH: Grrrr. GetMessage system is proving a bit slow. Imagine the two piles for now. The Sun pile - to the right - is towards twice as big as the apparent The Rest pile to the left.


Anonymous said...

And the polls today show Labour just 7 points behind the Tories. If Cameron doesn't play a blinder next week then we're seriously in hung parliament territory.

Chris Paul said...

And with the MO' to boot.

Anonymous said...

So Mr Dale doesn't do negative politics, whatever next Guido only drinks to moderation, Osborne has a well thought out economic plan.

benchilltory said...

oh, and todays poll shows Labour 14% behind!

Anonymous said...

You should also look into the circulation figures for newspapers that are sold vs those that are given away free on trains, planes or in hotels.

Just as MSM advertising revenue is going through the floor, so does their political influence wane.

Just think - within the next decade, a single blogger with a loyal following will be able to influence the electorate as much as a billionaire newspaper owner could have done in the 20th century.

tory boys never grow up said...

"the long journey back to civilisation"

Watch out I predict a bit of a vermin problem next week!

Anonymous said...

Labour will lose the next election regardless of The Sun's position; but they may get a larger majority, which is good.