Monday, November 23, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Guido's SunLight COPS Lose Galley, Still Crap

Twas on 18 September when LOL told our readers of the quite extraordinary modus operandi of the former Home Office Mole in a Hole Chris Galley (above). A mole whose little mounds of poo wrecked Damien's Green. Here you go. Perhaps he's turned up to poo his way through the lawn at Nadine Dorries' Woburn House? Not her "main home" of course which is (a) somewhere else and (b) completely immune from mole hole damage.

Just a couple of hours ago they showed that they have not lost their touch with yet another SCOP Scoop using the patent Sunlight COPS methodology. That goes like this. Mainstream media - in this case The Daily Telegraph - break a story and ├╝ber Mole Chris Galley gets out his, ahem, green ink and dashes one off to the Commissioner for standards. Here is today's missive.

But something is amiss with this hard-hitting newspaper cuttings service. Mole in a Hole Chris Galley has not signed this rifleshot letter! And do you know what? Labour of Love can exclusively reveal that they've let this young genius (Greenius?) slip through their green fingers. Chris Galley is no longer on the team.

Here's where his profile ought to be and here's how it looked on 11 November 2009. Looking at Galley's Wikio profile we found his last MSM appearance was over McNumpty and his disgraceful second home claim. Unless that is Galley's gamed his Home office connections to get a job as a Bury St Edmunds Police Inspector.

Guido Fawkes / Paul Staines (above, revelling in baby death in Gaza from the magnificent Beau Bo D'Or) is still down as founder of the floundering sleuths. But it is one Harry Cole - someone you may know from one of his other "successful" internet projects* - has drawn the short straw and gets the job of writing the very stupid Sunlight_COPS letters to the Commissioner for Standards.

* Like and "Successful" as in juvenile right wing idiocy and having a hook up with Woburn libel expert Ms Nadine Dorries MP.


Jimmy said...

I just happened to notice that too. I had notice that the site (never a hive of activity anyway) had been silent for two weeks. My suspicions were alerted when Gally failed to write to FIFA over the Henry incident.

Of course the fact that someone is actually still doing what he was no doubt pleased to call his "job" means it will be hard to pass off as redundancy.

Chris Paul said...

Yes, failure of Galley to sort out T Henry was quite a clue. On the "job" question I think that may be debateable anyway. Did any money change hands? they record £13,000 coming in on their appeal and that is supposed to pay for seeing off Jacqui Smith and her jostling hubby.

Jimmy said...

I made a request that they publish their figures, Guido said that they would but months passed by without the promise being kept. Finally a spreadsheet was posted showing that Galley did get a salary but that it was soaking up most of the donations (which as you might imagine are tapering off and are largely from Guido himself anyway). Looking at the numbers it was pretty clear poor Galley's days were numbered. Mind you, looking at the site, it's hard to work out what his "job" actually involved. One letter a week and occasionally embarrassing himself on tv. Mind you, you have to feel for him. Sacked twice in seven months isn't good for anyone's cv. He'd better hope for a revival in the jobs market. He should definitely be a labour voter now.

Angus Reid Strategies Enterprises said...

don't stand for the bum's rush from your investigations

Chris Paul said...

Thanks ARSE, I'll not settle for the bum's rush, though surprised PB publishing the bum's poll. And slagging off ipsosMORI? How very dare these upstarts do that?

Anonymous said...

Fuck off you red twat, I'm a top mole me! I am a mole and I live in a hole.

Jimmy said...

Officially he's "retraining". Of course with Guido you can't tell if he;s trying to be funny because he has never yet succeeded. He does not appear overly keen to discuss the matter.