Monday, November 30, 2009

Nuts in November: Nadine, Q79-88 Gorgeous, Woolstaplers and Aleister Crowley

  • Question 79: There has been a bit of a Woolstaplers Hall / Woolstaplers House confusion on behalf of this blogger. Does the Hall include the House or something? Or was it just the Hall and Singer House that were in the Dorries-Dorries portfolio? Which by the way were on the market mid 2006 for respectively £1.2M and £0.5M. Was Woolstaplers House ever part of the Dorries holdings? That's question 79 Nadine.
  • Question 80: Now, LOL hold a sort of digital flier for the Woolstaplers/Singer Bed and Breakfast thing. Proprietors Paul and Nadine it says. Six luxury bedrooms I think it was. What was the rack rate for the doubles? And for the suites? And how successful was this little Paul and Nads business? Sadly with most of the companies controlled by Paul or by Paul and Nadine failing to produce any reports or accounts we do have to ask. Did the B&B do alright?
  • Question 81: We've still not had any definitive responses to our questions about Nadine's ill-fated Prestbury beauty salon - as opened by Julie Goodyear aka Bet Lynch - but we'll get beyond the cuttings in the end. Meanwhile there was quite an effort applied to getting A1 retail consent for the downstairs of Singer Hall, between the failed Hazel Grove campaign and the remarkable parachuting to Mid Beds. Lots of flip flops. With Nadine's proposed salon "Gorgeous" getting some sort of planning consent, though with the sort of conditions that stopped it happening. How gutted were you Nadine when the town united in opposition to your "come into my parlour" plans?
  • Question 81: We're going to go a little sombre for a moment Nadine. Your early 2007 Mail announcements and rationales re the parting of the Nadine-Paul Dorries-Dorries partnership included the sombre news that Paul has Multiple Sclerosis. As well as the cheerful news that he was about to shoot off back to Southern Africa. Though he hasn't. When did Paul first get diagnosed with MS? And was he able to access Disabled Living Allowance or Invalidity benefit or the like? Though obviously he could still run a B&B and the odd property development.
  • Question 82: There are informants who claim, probably very unreasonably but here's your chance to deal, that Paul David Dorries was a claimant of DLA and/or IB and/or other benefits even while working as a B&B host, as a property developer, and indeed as an investment/betting advisor. That can't be right can it Nadine? Surely PDD would not have claimed anything while employed or in a household with a good earner such as yourself?
  • Question 83: Clearly you'll have known Nadine when/if the family fortune was being played by Paul in Stocks and Shares or betting or business? Did Paul tell you too that there were upwards only possibilities? Copper bottomed everyone wins bets 4 U?
  • Question 84: En passant. Today there have been some extraordinary Drugs Rants from Nadine Dorries Mum-P. Have you been got at by right wing idealogues, again?
  • Question 85: Also en passant. You laughed along with LOL on our suggestion when you were grumping about traffic jams that you got yourself a broom. GSOH thank you. But can I ask you this? How aware were you of the Aleister Crowley link to Woolstaplers when you waded in to Chipping Campden High Street?
  • Question 86: We've already considered the Times puff with silly prices for the disposal of your Chipping Campden High Street properties. You were after £1.7M for two properties. What did you actually rake in?
  • Question 87: And when your Doh! Mi Silly Arse Limited went down on 21 February 2006 how on earth did you get out with all your wealth intact? That one was your DevCo incorporated in 2001. Never submitted a report or accounts. But survived with no accountability until 2006. With a Mortgage Charge of unspecified quantum to Bank of Scotland still hanging there outstanding? Is that a Companies House mistake? They do make them sometimes?
  • Question 88: Or was Doh! Mi Silly Arse Limited [Domicilias] some kind of end of the road scenario? We'll come back to this one.

    UPDATE: Tues 11:08, altered time stamp to re-order posts.

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