Monday, November 30, 2009

Nuts in November: Nadine's Last Burst of Questions

Well, tonight's the night! The plan is to unburden our clippings file of a last few questions for the Mum-P Nadine Dorries:

  • A terrible nepotista who has employed not one but two unemployable daughters on silly salaries working for their Mum-P;
  • A Mum-P who refuses to explain her main home arrangements while letting on that there is nowhere anywhere close "somewhere else" in terms of nights spent to her actual "main home" which is being 100% funded by the taxpayer as a supposed "second home";
  • A Mum-P whose original Central Casting CV is, to speak plainly, quite plainly bonkers, misleading and full of holes;
  • A Mum-P who CV-husband Paul David Dorries appears to be ready to rival Nadine as the biggest twister in the extended and scattered household;
  • And famously Nadine has been and continues to be an extraordinarily useless Mum-P.

  • Can we make it to 100 questions? Does it matter? Perhaps. And No. Does Nadine Dorries deserve to be a Mum-P? On Merit? No. And No. There is a much to admire in any rags to riches, against the odds story. But sometimes they just turn out too good to be true. Nadine has taken enough liberties for a lifetime.

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