Monday, November 30, 2009

Nuts in November: Nadine, Q67 Did Tax Buy Doggy Fashion Item?

  • Question 67: We've been here before. But is the "Table Top Drier" you once bought on your Mum-P's allowances:
    (a) A bijou Mum-P home version of one of those Salon Hair Driers? To keep a Mum-P's tresses salon crisp and gorgeous?
    (b) A grooming aid to facilitate a Mum-P's doggy fashion? (Above) With the now infamous ex- Paul David Dorries allegedly providing child minding, dog walking and house sitting services at both the "main home" on the planet "somewhere else" and indeed at "second home" Woburn, so was this for his use?;
    (c) An item of white goods for a Mum-P's "second home"? Unlikely as we know you have stated categorically that you've never bought any furnishings or the like.
  • Question 68: Can it be right that back in the heady in the heady days of July 2005 when your parachute had just landed in Westminster you once shouted Taxi! And instructed the bemused driver to make haste for Chipping Campden? NOT South of the River. Cost £123.

    UPDATE Thu 13:51: Small amends, corrected Q number.

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    does this baby suck as well as blow?