Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nuts in November: Some Comments on Comment is Free #GoNads

  • Let me see if I understand Nadine, writing on Comment is Free today. You are actually saying that it is Labour and Newsnight's Michael Crick that treated Liz Truss wrong? What follows is my comment HERE.

    This seems completely delusional Nadine.

    Also disappointing is the fact that you've not brought your own experience of a mysterious de-selection attempt in Hazel Grove in 2000-2001 to bear on this matter. What was that all about then?

    On 28 October on my Labour of Love blog I broke the story of Nadine's second daughter getting a surprise job with her Mum-P.

    And during November I have been running a series of questions for Nadine.

    Question 1 concerns the job with my information, via the daughter's mouth, being that around £50,000 not £28,000 is involved.

    Question 2 concerns the failure to fully declare this employment.

    Question 3 asks questions - like a Millionaire starter question, about the order of events.

    Question 4 wonders about Nadine's marriage to Paul David Dorries which does not show up in the register of births, deaths and marriages.

    Question 5 wonders what on earth the wronged Nadine was doing defending Sir Nicholas Winterton. She had been a lowly nurse and a flight attendant, two roles prone to unwanted male attention. She would of course go on to smear other MPs as a group before honing this in to specific claims about three.

    Question 6 was about spiders in the bath the size of dinner plates.

    Questions 7 to 16 concern nursing qualifications and attitude to abortion.

    Questions 17 to 22 are largely about a "Community School" with a return to the Bargery-Dorries marriage.

    There are many many more questions to go at. I have used my Twitter account to give some "tags" HERE and HERE.

    The idea that Labour or indeed Michael Crick are responsible for mis-using Elizabeth Truss is way way out there on the spectrum of Tory delusion. Meanwhile very little in the Nadine Dorries Mum-P CV appears to stack up as fully open or fully honest.

    Any Comment is Free reader who can contribute to our research is welcome to send email via the blog. Here's a specific question for crowd-sourcing:

    Can anyone give us the name of Nadine and Paul's ill-fated beauty salon in Cheshire? We think Prestbury. And we think opened by Julie Goodyear aka Coronation Street's Bet Lynch. We think early noughties.

    UPDATE Thu 08:53: Links to twitter feed repaired. Apologies.

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