Friday, February 05, 2010

Beau Bo D'or: Timely Re-Post For Beau's Trainspotting Homage

MPs Expenses Financial Gainspotting / Plotting New Ending
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Dating from c six months ago albeit with amended ending this is a little Labour-heavy - what no Nadine Dorries? probably offering Jim Devine MP a shoulder to cry on? - but great fun nonetheless. From Beau Bo D'Or.


Benchilltory said...

Chaytor is the number one greater manchester trougher.
who are second and third ?
i suggest Goggins for letting his mate stay rent free at the taxpayers expense and Kaufman for his £200 grapefruit bowl,his 8 grand telly and 200 quid biro.
all from the party that would be whiter than white

Rowen in the shitty stuff said...

for whiter than white see Norman and Cyril Smith and Alan Taylor etc nice little earner in Rochdale - renting out an office to the boy Rowen.

Shareholder, directors, trustees get the cash off Rowen's parliamentary expenses then hand it over to Rochdale Lib Dems.


not white than white (unlike some of the older Rochdale Lib's old fashioned views on the "coloured question")

Chris Paul said...

Chaytor is certainly the one in the dock, but Kaufman's were mostly partially or wholly knocked back (i.e. the fees office did their job) and Goggins shed etc seems relatively trivial?

Obviously in choosing Greater Manchester we ain't gonna get many Tories who took 12 or 13 of the top 15 slots nationally. But the solitary nice but dim Graham Brady still managed to get in trouble. Isn't he disputing the payback too?

Further afield of course we have the Congletons, I mean the Wintertons, whose Tory trough-filling exploits really are the stuff of legend.

And as Rowen etc said the LDs have got some systematic near-the-knuckle abuses for which they have yet to be apprehended. Might be (just) within the rules? Is that good enough these days?

Rent schemes and printing societies top the Lib Dem big money abuses.

isle of man mansions said...

I think the expenses issue has been flogged to death by the media. When will they talk about issues like tax and spend and public services.