Friday, February 05, 2010

Nadine Dorries MP, How Could You? Patience is a Virtue

Strange times.

Normally an investigative blogger-cum-stringer will be a resolute sniffer dog and muscular newshound, straining on the leash of exclusivity and scoop.

Yet there may be exceptions to this. Where patience is the order of the day. And LOL's The Nadine Bargery Dorries Mum-P Story © - Subtitle: Beds, Cots, Bats and Balls [GoNads!] - is one of those.

We have blogged 100 substantive questions for the Mum-P, often with supplementaries, and with very little repetition. And no answers or comment from the subject Mum-P or her friends, learned or otherwise, whatsoever.

No answers. No corrections. No amendments. No clarifications. No answers.

No legal threats. No cease and desists. No take downs. Nothing. Apart that is from childlike and snide abuse, often bordering on or becoming libel.

Another two months into the investigation we have enough answers to pose another 100 distinct and mostly difficult questions to the Mum-P.

But it's complicated.

Some of the direct and indirect sources are willing the best bits of the story to hold another few weeks, past declaration day for candidates.

So that it becomes too late for her great mate, dining companion etc, ignorer/deflecter of horrible compromises, and Mum-P daughter desk sitter, the Right Hoon Sir David Cameron MP Bart, to replace her as the Conservative Candidate for Mid Narnia.

Ditching her, even soon, would be more than unfortunate. It would be careless. The previous incumbent in this seat was ditched in the March before the June. Kinda like now versus a May election. Basically for some bonkers-profiteering-from-the-job type activity.

Losing another sitting MP in Mid Narnia aka Mid Beds so close to a General Election might even be enough to shake the true blue electorate to ditch the Tories and dabble with the others, probably with the Labour man David Reeves who is everything that the poor Mum-P is not.

Arguably ticking way more Shire Tory boxes than the superbly erratic, self-centred, unprofessional, "two-faced", "shitty", and comically flirtatious and chippy Mum-P.

David Reeves offers:

  • Military service, as a TA specialist, in Iraq. Tick VG
  • Professional, accountant, public serving. Tick VG
  • Embedded in the area, not parachuting in. Tick VG
  • Family orientated, not just playing at it. Tick VG
  • One Homer and Commuter, no exes nonsense. Tick VG
  • Commitment to progress for all in Mid Beds. Tick VG

  • Whereas Ms Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P offers nothing but SCANDAL!

    ASIDE: This -> HERE is marvelous work from Unity / Ministry of Truth writing at Liberal Conspiracy. Not quite on the money in the consequential questions. But certainly getting uncomfortably warm for the hideously compromised Mum-P. Though this isn't the story. Not by a country mile.


    benchilltory said...

    all this stuff on the blessed Nadine and the only comment from a chinese viagra seller!

    Anonymous said...

    Looking at the checklist on David Reeves, he seems like a great chap.

    So how come he's in the Labour Party?

    Anonymous said...

    Lovingly done is better than comfortably said.