Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nadine Dorries Main Home Fix: The Sign of the Black Horse

Looks like the Telegraph will follow up! Follow up their scoop on the Tory plot, led by none other than Ms Nadine Bargery Dorries Mum-P, to stymie her random non-mate Esther Rantzen in Luton South. Plus their exposé of an attempted sting on the Tories' own throbbing organ HERE.

Following up with an exposition of the Mum-P's current "main home" arrangements. With a potted history of the journey involved in reaching this sorry pass.

What the people down at The Black Horse (above) are interested in, surely, will include:

  • Whether it can possibly be true that Ms Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P may now have a "second home" - paid for entirely by the taxpayer - as much as ten times as large as the "main home" du jour?;
  • Whether that second home, like its predecessor half-a-mile down the road, will be subject to an application for single occupancy discount on the old council tax? It apparently has seven bedrooms. It provides a generous 4000 sq ft or so of pulling-your-legroom;
  • Whether the current arrangement - essentially a main home that is apparently a scarcely used maildrop-cum-lovenest-cum-holidaylet - will have been considered by Ms Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P to be a passable "main home" for weeks, months or years?;
  • Whether any predecessor "main homes" passed muster for the weeks, months and years before the current bizarre arrangements were established?;
  • Whether rent book, utilities bills, use, sub-lets, occupancy of a one-bedroom pied-a-terre show that its use was and is both within the rules and within the spirit of those rules?;
  • Whether the history of owned property in Chipping Campden, nearby - apparently Woolstaplers House, Woolstaplers Hall, and Singer House all owned on election - provided a genuine "main home" used by the Mum-P until the time when the present ridiculous arrangements were instigated; and
  • Whether the Mum-P has in fact more-or-less honoured her promises to move full time into her constituency? These assurances were repeated in the press in both Mid Bedfordshire and Cheshire, as well as in campaign literature and on the doorstep.

  • Some time ago LOL revealed exclusively that Nadine's holiday home in South Africa had been repossessed by the courts there, and apparently been sold to meet a judgment debt. That was in the middle of 2007. But the address persisted on her register of members interests until mid 2009. And it has continued to form part of the mythos. HERE.

    We also mentioned in passing that Cotswold property disposed of, also in 2007, and it seems under some considerable financial pressure, was also continuing to be included in the Mum-P's RMI long after the property was owned by other people. By turns under-declared and then over-declared by the looks of it.

    What will the punters down The Black Horse in Woburn make of these revelations? And, to be fair, the further revelations that will follow these. And the still further revelations that will follow those. As sure as night follows day.

    Will they smell a rat? Or will Nadine come up smelling of roses?

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