Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sleepcurve China: Is That Nadine Dorries Mum-P Infomercialising?

The lovely former wife of Ms Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P's ex-just-good-friend "Stephen Rhodes", is a stalwart QVC hostess. One of the finest exponents of the craft. And much-loved by her customers and her blog readers. But I had no idea that Nadine (above right?) also did infomercials. What a spooky coincidence that would be.

Stephen Rhodes, born Thomas "Tommy" Keenan, a BBC local radio Shock Jock (most people) or an "award-winning investigative journalist" (in his own writ, most just short lists , seconds and thirds as it goes), latterly spoofing The Daily Telegraph as fictional deep throat "Tom Bargery", ready to ruin his not-girlfriend for 40 pieces of silver, recently became an independent candidate in Luton South. Standing against Esther Rantzen.

Esther Rantzen being someone that Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P has apparently taken against in a big way. Following their appearance together on an edition of BBC Question Time. Apparently prima donna Esther unfairly hogged the powder puffs. A mortal sin if 'twere true.

Someone too who stands in the way of a Tory posh boy - and we must presume political friend of the neighbourly Nadine - making a gain in Luton in the wake of the Margaret Moran MP expenses triangle. Imagine having a main home and a second home forming a vast triangle with Westminster, and one of them, if not both, being a bit problematic?

Emnity and perceived party advantage being enough, along with Tommy's attempted "Tom Bargery" sting on behalf of Nadine, and their ever-so-close yet not-that-close friendship, to lead the Telegraph to run a front page lead story (right) suggesting that Nadine put her mate Tommy up to attacking her enemy Esther in order to help squeeze a seat for her high Lord protector Dave Cameron, whose head can be put on a stick via this link.

As LOL reported Esther provided some fascinating background.

How could they? How could the Telegraph do this to the wholly innocent and blameless Mum-P and rags to riches princess of the blogs Nadine Bargery-Dorries?

Phil Hendren writing at his Dizzy_Thinks blog called this N for Vendetta and likened Naydeen Vanessa Bargery Dorries to Marmite. In the comments process at that post he smeared the brown stuff liberally on LOL. With suggestions of libel and of untoward investigating methods, refusing to print the substance of our comment, replacing it with said smears.

LOL responded by rebuking Hendren's wretched Marmite analogy and pointing out (some of) the substantial reasons journalists and bloggers were interested in Naydeen.

We also ran the full comment rejected by Hendren. And were also happy to clarify some points from this unpublished comment - shared with Naydeen by Phil - in response to a direct email from the Mum-P.

Read it here. In which we accepted Nadine's point that she didn't actually have to register her interest in the above Sleepcurve as it was she said unremunerated, and the Registrar's Office or whatever, she said, told her not to. Though we still thought she should have done, voluntarily.

Part of the "Vendetta" twaddle arises of course from Blog Action in May 2009 - which we covered inter alia HERE in which Naydeen retaliated for Daily Telegraph enquiries by accusing the proprietors, not a Philly Soul band, The Barclay Brothers, of all sorts, including Naziism as I recall. Consevative Home covered it like this at the time. Paul Staines was more on the money we think, suggesting that Nadine needed a lie down.

More recently, when Nadine's Brobdignag and Lilliput "second" and "main" fairy tale homes were revealed by the same organ, Conservative Home head, fired apprentice and some say former romantic love interest Tim "Mr Darcy" Montgomerie, also leapt leapt to Nadine's defence crying, you've guessed it, "Barclay Brothers Vendetta".

LOL digress. Of course it isn't really Nads doing the sales assistant bit with the great lummox of a paediatric cranial osteopath above. That's her look-a-likey Fiona. But I'll be bound that Nadine does know Phillip Owen DO BSc pretty well. The man personally presenting this cornucopia of Beds and Cots products of his imagination. With a Physician's gravitas, though alas that is DiplomaO not DoctorO, and his discipline is arguably contested and ill-regulated.

Philip and Naydeen not only both served on the board of the company being advertised but also both went onto (June 2009) and resigned from (Jan 2010) the board of Directors of The Sleepcurve Company Limited on the exact same days. And for some years, as Nadine flirted about East Cheshire being a PPC and a businesswoman and resident of various local addresses, their paths may well have crossed. Who knows? Perhaps their colossal combined medical expertise was shared?

Sleepcurve's products, invented by Phillip Owen DO, are designed to save Mum-Ps and MPs generally from the appalling "fat-head syndrome". Help them sleep at nights. Something like that anyway.

Even so, LOL have been struggling to understand why Ms Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P joined the board of this company, just as her life at Westminster was already getting rather complicated. Or why she left that board so very soon afterward. Just as investigative journalists and bloggers began to put two and two together.

We'll be considering this sweet little mystery further, later.

UPDATE 10:00am: Some little tweaking after a sound night's sleep.

UPDATE 11.45am: More links and pictures added.


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looks like Christine Shawcroft!

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Indeed it does. A bit.