Friday, March 26, 2010

Slippery Dave Cameron on SAGA TV: Doing Things Properly

There's still time to send in questions for Dave Cameron to SAGA - motto: "doing things properly" - for their web TV interview with Dave Cameron. HERE. It goes out at 6pm today. Essentially SAGA is all about retirement with a distinct interest in investment and so I've tailored my question to suit that marketplace. I wonder whether they'll use it:


benchilltory said...

i see that your good friend cllr Bracegirdles attempt to get into Parliament at Liverpool Walton was not a great success.Still having polled 0 votes then the only way is upward!,Why on earth did she need to waltz off to Liverpool is beyond me, she should have challenged top trougher Goggins

Chris Paul said...

All grist to the Mill BHT. There wasn't a vacancy in Wythenshawe. And sometimes it's the experience of taking part that matters.

Meanwhile I'm still wondering why dead beat Dave Cam dead bats requests for help from widows feeling ripped off back down the track. He did the same of course when Whalley Range Tories were caught out collaborating with Hizb_ut-Tahrir in the 09 locals.