Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nadine Dorries Mum-P: Liar! Liar! Your Pants Are On Fire

Nadine Dorries's nose is no doubt currently the length of a broom handle.

She's a terrible fibber that one. And it sticks out like a sore thumb. And the rest.

Tim Ireland has patiently outlined the ridiculous and unfounded claims being made against him - including below in Bedfordshire on Sunday - by a ridiculous and unfounded Member of Parliament. In an open letter, some newly shared emails sent to the relevant Conservative Association about Nadine's repeated defamations, and a write round here at

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Sunny Hundal has also drawn attention to Ms Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-Ps vendetta against this most limpet-like of truth clingers and most all-encompassing of freedom huggers at drawing attention to a longer analysis by Richard Bartholemew at his Barth's Notes blog.

Ms Dorries has explained that she took down her twitter feed - last post promising continued action on her blog - and that blog and her PCA funded website BECAUSE of police advice - which she says she had previously ignored being feisty and brave and wanting to share her gibberish with her fan base and having an election to win and all - AND added that what persuaded her to follow that possibly mythical advice was the incident "last week" in which the most loved MP of them all Stephen Timms was stabbed.

As far as I know Mr Timms did not run a Twitter feed of codswallop, a blog of arse gravy, or a tumbleweed PCA-funded website which cross-subsidised that nonsense blog. But Ms Dorries alleges that she took down her Twitter archive and her blog and her PCA-website because this might be putting her life in danger.

Can one die or be physically harmed by being a complete laughing stock? No, I thought not. What she is implying by saying this - Bedfordshire on Sunday had the sense not to publish this - is a horrendous attempt at smearing Tim Ireland as a violent, insane, stalker, subject of repeated police investigation, and putative MP stabber:

“Following the Stephen Timms incident last week I have decided that I should pay attention to the police advice …”

There is a timeline issue about this disgraceful, untrue and defamatory juxtaposition of an investigative blogger with an MP-attacking knife woman, Nadine, sorry. You're more foolish even than you look when speaking in the chamber.

Here is your last @nadine4mp Tweet:

This twaddle has garnered you a fan club including leading Tory and fellow-traveller bloggers who (a) don't like Tim, he's no doubt really annoying to them, so that's fair enough but (b) have a history of disseminating very serious smears against him. Including that he is a child-raper. Which unfounded and ridiculous smear has seen Tim and his family threatened by thugs and fearful for their safety.

This is the first BBC News Tweet on the incident you say caused you to dismantle your bogacious stream-of-unconsciousness:

Here is the early part of the timeline for the Stephen Timms attack:

This latter took place just over an hour more than ONE WEEK AFTER you took down your towering babble feeds. And a week less half an hour or so after the BBC first carried the news. So, Ms Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P:

  • Are you confessing to knowing about this attack a week before it happened? Because you organised this hit? To get that coveted corner office perhaps? Because Stephen is so much nicer than you? Or
  • Did you know because of your husband's or your own wonderful psychic or badger entrail necromancy skills? Or
  • Have you recently taken delivery of a Tardis and taken your place in the pantheon of Timelords? Or
  • Are you just making an extraordinarily clumsy attempt to post-rationalise the Party ordered take down of years of embarrassing sedimentary bullshit, babble and blether? And
  • Taking yet another swipe at one of the bloggers and journalists who is onto your persistent fibs and ongoing nonsense?

    Sim-O said...

    An excellent spot, Chris.

    It all seems to be coming apart at the seams, now.

    Jimmy said...

    I don't understand the Timms analogy. How would closing down her twitter account protect Tim from this batshit harpie?

    Jack of Kent said...

    Good blogging; some questions here to be addressed.

    Sim-O said...


    Closing her account wasn't to protect Tim.
    It was to 'remove the oxygen' for Tims' 'stalking'.

    Ms Humphrey Cushion said...

    Wish I wasnt wearing my German "Avatar4Eurovision" in my Dorries retweet..

    That said, thank you for demonstrating yet again that Nadine Dorries is simply not fit for Parliament.

    The disrespect she showed John Bercow over this past week took my breath away. Action which I expect has cost her the chance to "look foolish" in the HOC again.

    Must dash, got armpits to shave ; )

    tomasz. said...

    smart post. thanks.