Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nadine Dorries: More On Her Maj's Attendance and Dissemblance

Can't be long now before we hear the results of the Select Committee Chair ballots. Will MPs show a collective sense of humour and conspiracy of mischief and elevate Ms Nadine Bargery-Dorries Mum-P to Chair the Health Select Committee?

Further to our Raving Mythomaniac story in which we frisked Nadine Dorries' letter to MPs, published courtesy of Tom Watson - a man she repeatedly defamed yet still asked for his support - another version of her paean appeared yesterday morning at Conservative Home.

There was a complete lack of moderation in the comments, including various unwarranted attacks on Tim Ireland by apparent sock puppet (or indeed Mum-P) calling themselves "Sandra". Tim had posted his own piece pointing out the detail of Nadine's spectacular non-attendance at Committees she had been asked to serve upon by Conservative whips HERE.

There is some earlier reading HERE (Peter Riddell Analysis and also HERE (Nadine's supposed Chair at Science and Technology, Phil Willis, a man she declared "unfit" and refused to serve under, and lest we forget the main Times "empty chair" story RIGHT HERE.

Amusingly The Spectator, whose readers voted Nadine "Kook of the Year" or something in a for fun poll also put the boot in. Nadine mentioned her Spectator Readers' Kook of the Year (or whatever) award in a spirited but unconvincing defence in her local Sunday paper HERE. She also claimed that she was a proper attentive member of the Energy and Climate Change committee - a right rabble assembled only in January 2009, chaired by Elliot Morley MP and also featuring Julie Kirkbride MP.

Nadine's attendance on that one was also pretty poor. After an initial flush of 50% attendance. Six out of the first 12 meetings she then produced a steady stream of no shows. Nine on the trot we counted. More results to be collated on that. But Nadine Dorries MP is an extremely inattentive and disingenuous MP. The whole thing smacks of the sort of post-rationalisation that caused us to post: Liar Liar Your Pants Are On Fire when she blamed a stabbing incident seven days into the future for her decision to take down her Twitter.

Graphic is from the Times too, original here (PDF download).

FOOTNOTE: Incidentally Nadine's claim in her Conservative Home post to having been "a Director of BUPA" is absolute 100% Mid Narnia horseshit.

She was a Director of a company called "Company Kids" which BUPA bought up in 2000. Very disappointing for them as all the main short-term contracts withered on the vine. They changed the name to BUPA Childcare Services Ltd. And they let Nadine stay on the board for a bit. This was the only one of a goodly number of Dorries and Dorries, or Dorries companies which ever produced any returns or accounts. Another story for another day. Off to Liverpool.

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