Monday, August 30, 2010

From Florence to Abhorrence: Does Nasty Nick Deserve This?

How we cooed at Dave's loveliest photo opportunity yet. Hostilities disarmed and suspended. "Ain't she sweet!" "Ain't daddy smitten!" "Props to Papa!" (ahem, Ed.) and so on. And the royal child - nth in line to the thrown thanks to the scattered seeds in Cam's own family tree - soon got a name: "Oooh look, there's Florence and the Machine!" managed some NUJjers.

Recapture these moments. Simply gaze at the picture above! All is lovely! Who cares about NHS Direct and GOO's double daiper recession anyway?

Then alas, this lovely joyous bubble is burst, as a tweet arrives with the alt. bundle of joy - abhorrence substituted for Florence - pasted "beneath the fold" of this post:

ChrispLOL RT @MissEllieMae @davecamerooon A touching first pic of my beautiful new baby /via @davidschneider <---brilliant


Anonymous said...

Ah yes Clegg - Baby sitter in Chief !


tory boys never grow up said...

Don't tell me his - his middle name is Sheffield. A place he once visited and doesn't give a damm about but demonstrates how connected he is.