Monday, January 29, 2007

Dale's Checks: Potential for a Rick Stein/Chalky Tribute Early Day Motion?

Comments from Newmania (yesterday) have led to a brilliant, shiny, golden idea. As they believe Iain Dale looks like Rick Stein, and he is of course a proud Jack Russell owner, could the Tories find a useful Tory MP to blog an EDM in the House pointing this out? Possibly a mention of the check shirt and how this will put back adoption of digital TV by five years?

Award above will be presented to the MP of any party who mentions Iain Dale, Jack Russells, Rick Stein and Uber Check in an EDM. Failing this - which is perhaps rather specific - to the Useless EDM of the year.

CORRECTION: Dale comments he is allegedly a sound-alikey and not a look-alikey (or a cook-alikey?) to the esteemed Rick Stein. Stein has a bit of a western burr in his voice though; and the whole thing, like the Stein/Chalky EDM, is surreally far-fetched like a good nonsense parliamentary motion should be.


Iain Dale said...

i have often been told my voice sounds like Rick Stein's but never that I look like him...

Chris Paul said...

Ahaaa. Will issue a correction.